Chinese Calligraphy Symbols

Discover the brilliance of Chinese calligraphy symbols, their history and their usage in today’s times.
Chinese Calligraphy Symbols

Chinese calligraphy displays a true reflection of the inborn aesthetics that the Chinese people possess. This is the reason we find Chinese calligraphic silk scrolls hanging in the studies of intellectuals that have a refined taste and knowledge of the history of Chinese calligraphy.

The art of Chinese calligraphy is unique in its own right and is still held in high esteem by the people of China. One can often see two panels of Chinese calligraphy hanging by the entrances of houses as a means of adding some class to the décor. The scrolls are like long pieces of paper with Chinese inscriptions on them.

The calligraphic scrolls found at the entrances of houses have very specific calligraphy symbols that represent certain concepts. One of the most common Chinese calligraphy symbols seen outside homes is the one wishing a good year ahead. Others use Chinese scrolls as name plates denoting the name of the owner or dweller of the house.

Calligraphic Arts

When it comes to the aesthetic brilliance of Chinese calligraphy it stands unparalleled without a doubt. The Chinese were experts with the brush and the volumes of Chinese calligraphy symbols are a testament to the craftsmanship of the people.

The entire collection of calligraphy symbols exists in hand painted works of art. You will find there to be such diversity in the collection of hand painted Chinese calligraphy symbols that no two symbols will appear to be the same.

In modern times the world wide public has developed an appreciation for Chinese calligraphy symbols. One can find a wide range of interior decoration items as well as fashion accessories such as pendants and necklaces featuring different Chinese calligraphy symbols.

The fact that Chinese calligraphy symbols are gaining popularity today clearly indicates the timeless value of their artistry. The symbols that were developed ages ago were so aesthetically sound that they continue to have an appeal on people who are alien to the language itself. This is one of the most phenomenal aspects of Chinese calligraphy symbols.

The more you observe Chinese calligraphy the better you will be able to appreciate it. This is because it plays both its parts of form and function in precise balance. On the one hand you have the calligraphy symbols that are very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and at the same time these symbols are means of communication.

On top of these two amazing aspects of Chinese calligraphy you have the skill and craftsmanship of the people who practice the art of calligraphy with their brushes. All these factors combined make Chinese calligraphy symbols a collection of highly revered art work.

Contemporary Calligraphy

Since the mass media explosion the western world has been exposed to this unique art form. This has opened up the gateways of business opportunities for Chinese calligraphic artists. Hence we find tons of art work incorporating the use of Chinese calligraphy symbols being sold to the western world which is going head over heals for them.

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