How to decorate Parisian style

Want to learn how to decorate Parisian style? Read our guide for facts and info that can help you create the perfect Parisian style interior in your home…

The Parisian style of interior decorating creates a very intriguing and romantic environment. Typically you will find such homes to have high ceilings adorned with grand architectural details. Wrought iron railings are incorporated where ever possible including the balcony and staircases. Other trademark elements of French style homes are told Windows.

Even if you do not live in a Parisian style home you can use various elements to give your interior space a classic Parisian look. It is important to note that the Parisian style of decorating kept on changing over time. From baroque to rococo and the more contemporary neoclassical styles are all part and parcel of the Parisian look.

Parisian style interiors have a distinctive color palette that consists of rich jewel colors. Classic colors include royal blues, crimson and emerald green which are used along with black, gold and white which helps to create interesting accents. Carved details on furniture articles are given the burnished gilt touch. In order to capture the essence of this style you will need to incorporate furniture and accessories that have a vintage look and carry timeworn elegance. You can incorporate a host of chairs, tables along with traditional armoires and color schemes of black and cream. These can be adorned with golden accents. This kind of furniture will blend in beautifully with dark carved wood. You can upscale the interior by adding shimmering silks along with the luxurious velvets and brocades. You can also add a host of vintage French posters featuring various French nightspots, station clocks, signs and other trademark French motifs.

Things To Remember

When looking to decorate the interior of your homes with the classic Parisian style you need to keep a number of things in mind. First and foremost we should know that black is used as the accent color that helps to unify all the different elements in the surrounding. Parisian interiors make use of black in a very intelligent manner which does not give the rooms a dark feeling. Ideally you would want to purchase items like picture frames, fabrics, furniture articles, lampshades and other accessories in black or with the black trim around their borders.
Another interior design element that can help capture the essence of this look are large clocks that act as the focal point in the room. You would want to go for an older looking large-size clock. Wall art is another important element in Parisian style interiors. You can go for various paintings including replica of Monet Impressionists paintings, pastoral scenes, roosters and other such images that can instantly be associated with Paris.

It is important to try and avoid matching the various elements in the room. This is because all the furniture and accessories are deliberately made to look old and used at the same time they should not look shabby. Wall sconces, crystal chandeliers, table lamps and fringed lampshades are some of the lighting options that you can use in this setting.

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