Chinese Checkers Marbles

Interested in learning about Chinese checkers marbles? Find out about the unique features of this out of the box board game made and played with marbles.

Chinese checkers is actually a board game that was inspired by a very popular Victorian board game called Halma. It first became famous under its patent name of Stern Halma. It was later introduced in the U.S as Chinese checkers catching its name from the star shaped playing center of the game.

Traditionally we find that the game board was made out of wood with wooden pegs. But a high end version of the board game was made out of marble. The board itself was made out of marble and had a six triangle starred playing field dug out into its surface. Each of the triangles was then occupied with colored marbles denoting different players. The color range of the marble includes blue, yellow, green, white, black and multi colored.

Although there are six triangles with six different sets of colored marbles in the Chinese checker marble board game it is not compulsory that there must be six people to play the game. Rather four, three and two people can also enjoy the game. When the number of people playing the game is lesser than its maximum capacity then they take position on opposite sides. In the case of three people they take positions at an equal distance from each other.

The out of the box board game

The Chinese checker board made out of marble is strikingly different from the orthodox square board checkers that is more popular. In recent years however this particular board game has become far more popular than ever before. People looking for a different yet simple game to engage in, find Chinese checkers to be the ideal choice.

Although you will be able to find the marble board of Chinese checkers in different sizes the standard size is supposed to be 12 inches in diameter. The wooden board with the wooden pegs is far cheaper than the marble one. A Chinese checkers board game made out of marble is available between the range of 40 to 60 dollars.

A board game and a show piece

The unique thing about the marble Chinese checkers is the fact that it makes an exquisite showpiece when not in use. How often will you get to see board games that are actually playable made out of marble? Hence purchasing a marble made Chinese checkers board game is a worth while investment which will give you hours of fun while serving as an out of the box decoration piece as well.

The marble board is available in a wide variety of colors hence interested individuals can make a choice according to their preferences. You will even find some boards to have a different spectrum of colors for the playing marbles. The introduction of red, pink and cream is common amongst the variations. This unique game made and played with marbles is today easily available for the masses.

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