Traditions in Spain

Looking for information on cultural traditions in Spain? Want to know about religious, Christmas, Easter & wedding traditions in Spain? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The geographical location of Spain has a lot to do with the diverse nature of the traditions that are found in the country. Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsular which has clean cut access through the Mediterranean Sea. It is through this channel that a host of other nations managed to come in contact with Spain by establishing trade links.  As a result you see a unique mix of traditions in Spain which have been influenced by some of the nations that had contact with Spain. Amongst them the foremost are the Greek, Roman, Phoenician, North African and of course the Muslims who ruled over great parts of Spain for several hundred years.

Cultural Traditions Spain

One of the most famous traditions that have earned Spain world wide recognition is the sport of Bullfighting. Although originally played as a sport the activity initiated by the Greeks bullfighting was turned into more of a ritualistic event with the advent of the North African Moors. The activity involves the bullfighter to sideswipe the bull and try to spear it in the process. Bullfighting is no doubt one of the major highlights of Spanish tradition and it is known as being one of the most dangerous sports.

Religious Traditions Spain

Although many different religions have had their influence on the Spanish people we find that many of the traditions have disappeared and only the Christianity influenced traditions are to be seen being practiced. Amongst those is the feast of the patron saints. Although this is not a religious event it is practiced very religiously. The idea is based around the assumption that every town, neighborhood, and profession has their Guru’s and they are to be celebrated in full fervor.

Spain Christmas Traditions

Although Christmas itself was not an original part of Christianity it has become the most celebrated event for Christians throughout the world. In Spain however you will find certain unique traditions regarding the events at Christmas that are solely the innovation of the Spanish. The bonfire known as the ‘Hogueras’ in Spanish is an event that is now to be identified with Christmas celebrations. The event that involves the jumping of men over each other to symbolize the victory over illness was originally an event celebrating the shortest day of winter; the winter solstice. Another tradition that is pretty much particular to Spanish tradition is the Palm Sunday. This is also an innovation into Christianity in which children carry palm leaves to the Church in order to be blessed by the priests.

Spain Easter Traditions

On Ash Wednesday the people put ashes on their forehead to symbolically represent patience and the fact that we have all been created out of dust and into dust is our return. This event is celebrated on the first day of the season of Lent. Lent is yet another tradition that involves fasting for a certain period of time to develop patience and this event serves as a prelude to Easter. Apart from these peculiar traditions life in Spain has been influenced by the works of some very famous artists the likes of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

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