Chinese Chess Sets

Interested in Chinese chess sets? Read on for information on the various kinds of sets that are available in the market.

Chinese chess is an excellent game that can help polish your strategic skills. It is like the international game of chess with an oriental twist. If you are looking for a different kind of challenge then Chinese chess is an excellent choice. Chinese chess sets are easily available in various sizes and styles for interested individuals.

Table top Chinese chess set

This particular product is an excellent make with a wonderful surface made using woods of different shades. This elegant table top Chinese chess set looks wonderful as a decoration piece and will give you a chance to engage in a great game of traditional oriental style chess.

For your convenience the set has been endowed with a sliding drawer where all the chips can easily be stored. The chips in this set are very well made and have been given a shiny brass coating. They also feature engravings of the Chinese chess characters. The engravings make the pieces stand out on the surface of the board. The board measures approximately 14 inches by 13 inches and is available in the market for $43.00.

Folding Chinese Chess Set

This particular Chinese chess set is great to start off with. The size is convenient and the fact that it can be folded into half while providing adequate storage space for the chess pieces. The pieces have been intelligently designed which makes them extremely easy to read. The set has a relatively manageable size which is good enough to play with.

It is a great solid set that kids will not be able to destroy very easily. The folding sides are held together by solid hinges and powerful magnets that work much better than a conventional latch. The pieces have been decorated with artistic Chinese calligraphy and are easy enough to read. An instruction manual for beginners to learn the rules and regulations of the games is also packed in with the set. This wonderful set is available for $23.95.

Chinese Chess Xiangqi Magnetic Travel Set

This particular chess set has been specifically designed to be taken along while traveling. The small size ensures that users will not have trouble carrying it along. The magnetic pieces cling to the board making sure that none of the pieces fall off during travel and get lost. The pieces have been creatively designed and provide easy readability even on the move.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Chinese Chess Set

This particular chess set is tailored to the theme of the bloodiest period in Chinese history known as the three kingdoms period. The chess pieces are designed like characters from the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. Each of the characters has been given great detail. On the base of the pieces is the chess character’s name. This revolutionary design has attracted many people towards the game of Chinese chess across the globe.

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