Chinese Dragon Craft

Interested in discovering the Chinese dragon craft? Find out about the wide range of arts and crafts dating from ancient times to the present day.

A vast portion of the Chinese arts and crafts collection is based around the image of the dragon. This clearly goes to show the cultural significance held by the dragon in the eyes of the people of China. The dragon has been depicted in many different mediums of art that take on different meanings according to the way the dragon is portrayed.

Chinese dragon crafts are very popular even today. There was a slight slump in the popularity of dragon crafts when China began to modernize itself. But once China realized the commercial benefits of maintaining their dragon craft tradition they have stepped up on the production of these artifacts.

Today you will be able to find classical Chinese dragon crafts as well as modern renditions of dragon crafts. Interested individuals can actually find a wide variety of these crafts online. You can browse through the online catalogues and even get the item of choice delivered to your home.

Chinese dragon artifacts actually date back to ancient times. Archaeologists have been able to discover Chinese dragon crafts that predate the period of recorded history. This goes to show that the dragon has been part of the Chinese culture from the very beginnings of their civilization.

What is the dragon?

The dragon is actually a mythical beast that was conceived by the Chinese artists and philosophers. The unique looks of the creature have been derived by taking different body parts of various animals and putting them together to compose the face and body of the dragon.

Once the image of the dragon came into being the Chinese gave it different characteristics. For example the dragon could fly in the sky, swim underwater and walk on the land. Then they developed hoards of legendary stories associated with dragons. They also have a multitude of versions of the beast along with different stages of the dragon’s life cycle.

The dragon is also part of the zodiac calendar and has a fully defined personality. People born in the year of the dragon are considered to have these personality traits. Unlike how the dragon is perceived to be in the west, the Chinese dragon is neither violent nor evil. Rather it is taken as a symbol of power and might and is looked upon as a benevolent character.

The different Chinese crafts serve as the ideal souvenir to bring back from China. In fact they are the most popular souvenir items sold in the country. This is because they are unique for the non-Chinese and are instantly associated with the Chinese culture. Hence anyone wishing to take back something either as a gift or as something that would remind them of China can purchase a dragon craft item which would best serve the purpose.

The list of Chinese dragon craft items include actual costumes that can be worn by people. You will also be able to find various decoration items made from different materials. These could include table top decorations as well as wall hangings. Similarly you will be able to buy Chinese dragon craft items for kids as well who can work their way to building their own dragon artwork.

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