Chinese Herbs for Gray Hair

Interested in Chinese herbs for gray hair? Find out how the problem of gray hair is treated using herbal medical knowledge from China.

The Chinese have made use of herbal remedies for pretty much everything and gray hair is no exception. During their days of experimentation the Chinese discovered a herb that they found to be useful for the treatment of gray hair. This particular herb is known as Ho Shou Wu in China and goes by the name of Polygonim multiflorum in the English speaking world.

The Nutritional Properties of Ho Shou Wu

The Chinese herb for gray hair known as Ho Shou Wu was discovered to be an excellent dietary supplement under traditional Chinese medicine. This all natural ingredient helped to provide nourishment to the kidney and liver as well as the blood. Although there were a number of different herbs identified to be helpful for gray hair Ho Shou Wu became the most popular herbal remedy for gray hair. The name “Ho Shou Wu” actually means “a head full of black hair.”

How Chinese Herbs Help with Gray Hair

According to Chinese medical theory the condition of your hair is actually a reflection of the internal system of the body. The practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine identified weaknesses in kidney and liver resulted in symptoms such as gray hair as well as hair loss. Hence they sought to cure the problem of gray hair by enriching the body with nutrients that would help it recover from the weaknesses in the kidney and liver.

Dosage and Administration

The most common way in which Ho Shou Wu is taken is orally in the form of a dietary supplement. Most Chinese herbalists recommend that the patient should continue the use of this herb on a long term basis. Today you will be able to find specially formulated lotions made from Ho Shou Wu extract. Such lotions are used primarily for hair loss but can also help against graying hair.

Chinese herbs for gray hair have been made available to the public in these different forms by various brands. Amongst the popular brands is Shou Wu Pian. This particular brand is perhaps the most popular product made using the Ho Shou Wu extract for the purpose of getting a head full of black hair.

When it comes to these dietary supplements they need to be taken five tablets at a time, three times in a day. This dosage seems to be a lot but one should keep in mind that this is not a chemical medicine that is going to have side effects on your body. Rather it is an extremely mild herb which has absolutely no side effects. The one thing about Chinese herbs for gray hair is that their use needs to be continued over a long period of time.

Getting a head full of black hair is not the only thing that such Chinese herbs will help you with. Rather they will enrich your body from the inside including your kidney, liver, sperm and marrow while working to strengthening the bones as well.

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