Brown Italian Shoes

Would you like to know how to pair brown Italian shoes with an appropriate ensemble to create a chic effect? Just bought a pair of brown Italian shoes and would like to know about the outfits that can work with it? Read our factual and informative gu

While black shoes are the undisputed kings of the marquee when it comes to men’s footwear, brown is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among the male consumers across the world. However, most men who want to buy brown Italian shoes are faced with a common problem; they simply cannot decide on the color and style of the outfit that they could match their brown shoes with. Then, to compound the problem there are several different shades that fall under the umbrella term of brown, both in clothes as well as shoes. Add to this the fact that mismatching the various shades of brown can ruin the effect of an outfit that would have otherwise been simply spectacular and it’s easy to understand why some men still choose black over brown Italian shoes.

It is a common misconception that the only shoe color which should be worn with a pair of black trousers is of course black. However, most men fail to realize that brown can often create a striking impact when coupled with black trousers simply by virtue of variation.

While an entire black ensemble with just the white shirt and a colored tie to break the monotony looks very elegant, brown Italian shoes when paired with a dark colored suit can look equally stunning and can be classified as an inimitable style on its own. If you are a conservative guy who would rather stick to the rules than break them, you should go with black. On the other hand, if you an adventurous spirit, buying a pair of brown Italian shoes will certainly prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Brown shoes can also be matched with the obvious earth tone suits or even with brown trousers, shirt and also a blazer in a dark rich shade of brown. Just remember to set off the monotony of the ensemble with choosing darker color browns for your clothes while wearing light brown shoes and vice versa.

Try not to couple charcoal or grey with brown; particularly if you have an overcoat in these colors and would like to wear it with your newly acquired brown Italian shoes. This will make you stand out even in a formal setting which might not necessarily be a good thing. This rule also applies if you are often seen in ultra formal settings.

Another out of the ordinary combination is pairing blue with brown, most men are against the idea of donning a navy blue suit with a pair of brown Italian shoes, While most men’s fashion designers are not particularly averse to the idea, a simple rule of thumb that you should follow is that when using brown shoes ensure that you have some other part of your ensemble in brown as well.  For instance, you could pair the brown shoes with a brown belt or even an earth toned shirt worn inside the navy blue suit.

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