Chinese Herbs for Kidneys

Interested in Chinese herbal kidney medicine? Find out about the Chinese herbs that can be used to help recover from kidney deficiencies.

The kidney is a very important organ under the umbrella of Chinese medical studies. Indeed the Chinese consider the kidney to be the key of life itself. The kidney has a number of important functions such as the urinary function, reproductive function, keeping the bones strong and regulating water metabolism. Chinese herbs can be used to promote kidney health.

Men suffering from kidney deficiency patterns can suffer from sexual dysfunction, systematic exhaustion and urinary disturbances. Some of the other symptoms include weakness in the lower body, lower back pain and diminished hearing.

Chinese herbs are used to tonify the kidney and provide it with strength. Restoring a kidney to its normal healthy state takes a certain amount of time even with the use of Chinese herbs. Some of the Chinese herbal tonics used to promote good kidney health are:

Ho Shou Wu

This is one of the all time classic longevity herbs prescribed by Chinese medicine. It gives a boost of energy and has a powerful reproductive function. While providing the kidney with its required strength it can also help recover from grey hair, reduces high cholesterol, blood pressure as well as arterial sclerosis. Any one using this herb is requested to refrain from consuming garlic, chives or onions because as it is Ho Shou Wu is a difficult herb to digest.


Cistanche is a unique Chinese herb that is used to promote good kidney health. The unique thing about this Chinese herb is that it can help tonify the kidney without drying up the body. A Chinese herbal formula made using this herb is Broomrape which is commonly known as Materia Medica. Amongst the various benefits that it has is the fact that it can help resolve urinary problems such as incontinence or post-urinary dripping along with lower back pains. These are all conditions that develop as a result of kidney deficiency. Care must be taken when using this herb because it must not come in contact with iron.

Yin Yang Huo

This herb is commonly known as Horny Goatweed and helps to improve a number of health conditions. It can help to increase sexual activity, lower the blood pressure and stimulate the sensory nerve. Furthermore it has been found to be beneficial against urinary deficiencies which manifest themselves due to weaknesses in the kidney.


The popular Chinese herb Ginseng has overall health benefits for the body. It is an adaptogenic herb that men should start making use of once they hit the thirty five year mark. The continual use of this herb stimulates blood circulation, increases stamina and helps to manage stress. While this herb adds strength to the body it limits the amount of heat that is present in the kidney thereby helping to restore the kidney’s health.

Dan Shen

The primary use of Dan Shen is to invigorate blood. There are however other health benefits that can be derived from this powerful herb such as its ability to treat insomnia and irritability. It can help a man to cope with the stress related with kidney deficiency which arises due to urinary problems and sexual dysfunction.

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