Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

Interested in Chinese herbs for weight loss? Find out about the different kinds of Chinese herbs and how they work at losing weight.

Amongst the various benefits of Chinese herbs is the fact that they can help in the process of weight loss. This fact is being explored to the maximum in today’s times as the herbs are being tested for their effectiveness.

Generally most people looking to lose weight would like to find some way to enhance their body’s metabolism as this would help the body to expend more energy. There is a collection of Chinese herbs that can help to boost the metabolism of the body thereby enhancing the weight loss process.

Kinds of Chinese herbs for weight loss

The Chinese have classified weight loss herbs into three categories. The first of the category of herbs includes the kind that transforms phlegm according to Chinese medicine. Such herbs have two fold benefits. The first benefit is that they help the body in the processing of fat.

The second action that they have is that they prevent the unhealthy fats and fluids from accumulating in the body. Popular herbs that fall in this category include immature citrus peel, citrus aurantium, glechoma, hawthorn berry and magnolia bark.

Chinese metabolism herbs

The second category of herbs works to increase the metabolism of the body by increasing the qi and yang energy of the body. The popular ginseng, epimedium, cinnamon, ginger, eucommia bark, atractylodes and astragalus are some of the herbs that fall in this category.

By aiding the process of weight loss such herbs offer encouragement to the individual helping him to stick with his diet plan and exercise routine. Along with making the metabolism of the body more efficient the above mentioned Chinese herbs for weight loss promote healthy digestion. Generally, the above mentioned herbs are great for getting rid of weight that accumulates around the belly.

Chinese Detoxifying Herbs

The third category of weight loss herbs includes the bitter tasting detoxifying herbs. These herbs act as natural appetite suppressants. They perform this functioning by reducing the inflammatory and acidic conditions present in the body which are responsible for developing food cravings. Making use of these herbs will allow the individuals to resist oily, spicy and sweet food that in unhealthy quantities by curbing their cravings. Popular herbs in this category include scute, coptis and rhubarb.

Similarly there are other herbs that help to balance out emotional conditions that may lead to over eating. Certain individuals take to food because of sadness, depression, stress or anxiety. Making use of Chinese herbs can help prevent such sporadic eating. Magnolia bark, mint zizyphus, bupleurum root, longan fruit and biota seeds are some of the herbs that can be used for this purpose.

In a nutshell we find that the use of Chinese herbs help promote weight loss by making the metabolic process more efficient, boosting the energy level of the body, promoting healthy digestion along with a positive mental frame of mind. In order to truly benefit from Chinese herbs for weight loss the individual will be required to stick to their diet plan and exercise routine.

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