French Silk Pie

So you have a big party at home and you have the entire menu down except for the desert. Have you thought about a French Silk Pie? Or are you looking for the prefect recipe to make mouthwatering French silk pies? Read our article for the ideal recipe

French Silk pies are the prefect desert if you are planning a formal dinner. These melt in the mouth pastries are nothing but chocolate mouse on a pastry base. The best part about this desert is that it is very easy to make and needs no baking- all you have to do is pour a mixture made of eggs, sugar, butter and chocolate onto a pastry base and let it set. The name silk pie is derived from the smooth texture of the mousse.

However, when you buy the silk pies sold in most shops they turn out to be dense and have an overwhelming taste of chocolate. Agreed that the main ingredient of the pie is chocolate mouse however the actual French silk pie is supposed to be light and have just the right amount of chocolate to make you sigh when you take the first bite.  Also the light texture of most shop made pies can be attributed to the generous amount of whipped cream added to the recipe.

An authentic French silk pie is supposed to be about silk, with a surprisingly light texture that is incredibly smooth. When you take your first bite it should feel like you have just had a spoonful of very light and fluffy chocolate ice cream. Since French silk pies are served cold they instantly melt in your mouth. Making a French silk pie is very easy and yet the final effect will definitely evoke a ‘wow’ from your guests.

Start with a pastry base. Even though you can choose between the traditional flaky crust and the graham cracker crust, the traditional crust is highly recommended because the graham cracker crust may dominate the texture of the pie and you don’t want that. The filling involves no cooking and can be made very fast.

You will need an electric mixer to whip the butter, sugar, eggs and chocolate to an amazing lightness. Even though the taste of the pie is not supposed to be too intense for chocolate lovers you can always garnish the slices with shaved chocolate right before serving. This will not only look good but also increase the chocolate flavor. The ingredients that you will need are:

1 nine inch pie crust baked and cooled.
¾ cup sugar
½ cup butter
1-oz chocolate melted and cooled can be semisweet or bittersweet
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs

Make sure that all the ingredients are at room temperature before you start- this will ensure that you get the light fluffy texture after whipping. In a large mixing bowl start by mixing butter and sugar together and cream them together till the mixture is light and fluffy then add the melted chocolate and vanilla extract and beat the mixture for a few more minutes. Once this mixture is ready add one egg and beat it at medium speed for 5 minutes. You can also paddle the egg in. Add in the next egg after scraping the mixture from the sides of the bowl and repeat the procedure. At this point the mixture should be very light and smooth and you should be able to get a peak.

Once the filling mixture is ready, pour it into a baking dish with the pie crust in it and smooth with a spatula. You will need to keep it in the refrigerator for at least two hours to set the pie or until its firm. Finally garnish with some whipped cream and shaved chocolate and the French silk pie is ready to be served.


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