Chinese New Year Customs

Interested in knowing about the unique Chinese New Year customs? Find out as we take a look at the traditions for welcoming the New Year.

The Chinese culture is one that holds on to its ancient traditions very strongly. With a history of over 5000 years the Chinese are extremely proud of their cultural heritage. One of their traditions that come across as a very strong and vivid display of what their culture is all about is the Chinese New Year celebrations.

A range of historic customs with a modern flavoring can be seen on the streets of China as well as in the homes of all the Chinese people at this time of the year. The New Year customs are followed ardently by the masses in China. The entire festive season begins a couple of days before New Year’s Eve and goes all the way up to the sighting of the first full moon of the New Year.

Business is blooming during this time of the year, especially if you are involved in any one of those industries that is in demand during this time of the year. As it is people are in a festive mood and are willing to spend their money maintaining age old traditions.

The customary rituals

The celebrations start from the home. As per custom the home receives a thorough clean up for welcoming the New Year. In the attempt to remove the ill fortunes of the year gone by the Chinese give their homes a makeover to welcome the blessings of the New Year. Typically you will find them to get their windows and doors painted red as has been the custom for ages.

The red color is taken as a sign of happiness and is one of the abundantly used colors during the New Year season along with the color gold which symbolizes wealth and good fortune. The red color is also meant to ward off evil spirits and omens from the homes of the people.

The house is further decorated with the blooms of the season. Since everybody is hoping for prosperity in the coming year blooming flowers serve as the ideal symbolic representation for the hope for growth. Typical flowers used during the season include the narcissus, peony and the azalea.

There are various other items that have taken on a symbolic meaning with regards to the Chinese New Year that have become very strong customs to which the Chinese hold on to. The use of tangerines and oranges as symbols of wealth and happiness in homes is common. The traditional candy tray with a great variety of delicious candies is also one of the popular customs of New Year.

Paper cut-up couplets and Chinese lanterns are other decoration elements that hold great significance with regards to the Chinese New Year customs. In fact there is a whole show known as the Chinese lantern show that is performed on the streets.

Amongst the other things that go on out on the streets the dragon dance and the lion dance are the most popular activities of the season. The bursting of fireworks too is one of the ancient customs that has been kept alive till today.

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