Chinese Tattoo Symbols

Interested in getting a tattoo of a Chinese symbol? Discover the history of Chinese tattoo symbols and the world wide acclaim they have received today.

The timeless aesthetic appeal of Chinese tattoo symbols is the reason why their popularity continues to grow even today. The west has developed a new found fascination with Chinese tattoo symbols even though the many people are unaware of their meanings.

The exotic symbols are so aesthetically sound by themselves that people have used them for tattoos without even knowing what they stand for. This phenomenon is a common practice in the west. The youth, inspired by the television media seeks to get interesting Chinese tattoo symbols stamped on their body for life.

At times racing to get a Chinese tattoo symbol on your body could leave you regretting it for the rest of your life. This is because what may appear to you as an aesthetically appealing design may have a totally awkward and embarrassing meaning that will get any one familiar with the meaning of Chinese symbols laughing and staring at you for all the wrong reasons.

The History Of Chinese Tattoo Symbols

Chinese tattoo symbols are an interesting and unorthodox means of expression. Although the art of tattooing has been present in China for many centuries it is today that the Chinese tattoo symbols are receiving world wide acclaim. Ironically the practice of tattooing is not considered to be a very noble form of art in China.

There is no doubt about the fact that the collection of tattoo symbols consists of some of the most amazing and profound symbols that represent many different things. With regards to the practice of tattooing, it was considered to be barbaric back in the old days of China.

This is because tattooing was used as a means of punishment for criminals who were stamped for life and looked upon as outcasts for their crime. With time however this perception of Chinese tattoo symbols changed and they have become the ultimate fashion especially in the west today.

Modern Traditions

Since the bulk of the people who have developed a craze for Chinese tattoo symbols do not speak Chinese there is a great demand for translating names, ideas and concepts of  another language into Chinese tattoo symbols. This is very much possible with the 4000 year history of Chinese symbols any thing you can imagine can be translated into Chinese tattoo symbols.

The Chinese writing system is a fully developed science that has more than 70,000 symbols. So you can’t probably even conceive as many concepts as can be translated into Chinese symbols for the use of tattoos or otherwise. Anything in any contemporary language can be converted into Chinese symbols and produce the same aesthetically pleasing look.

Some people misconceive traditional Chinese symbols to be the same as the script known as Kanji. The truth of the matter is that the Kanji although Chinese in origin was adopted and modified by the Japanese. Whereas the Chinese tattoo symbols that may even have a similar physical appearance can have drastically different meanings.

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