Chinese Zodiac Dog

Born in the year of the dog? Want to know what that means? Discover the personality of the Chinese zodiac dog symbol as we highlight its key features.

The Chinese zodiac symbol of the dog was the second last animal to finish the race that determined the position of the twelve animals in the zodiac calendar. Hence the dog occupies the eleventh position in the zodiac cycle.

Dog Characteristics

Loyalty, faithfulness and compatibility are the overriding features of the character that the symbol of the dog represents. They are known to be the kind of people who will always be offering kind words of wisdom to whomsoever they meet. Another appreciable quality associated with the dog is that of it being a good listener. This is the quality that makes others want to lean on their shoulders which is always there for them when they need it.

The personality of the dog is such that they like to be a significant part of other people’s lives. This attitude of the dog has also termed them to be somewhat nosy as they have the tendency to get involved in other’s lives more than they would desire. For the dog keeping others happy is more important than the world and everything in it. By themselves dogs are easy to please.

Trustworthy Friends

People born in the year of the dog are considered to be very determined individuals. They have the spirit to master any new subject that they take on prior to advancing to something new. Friendship is something that such people greatly value. They are as honest as can be with their friends which make them highly trustworthy companions. The fact that they are known to possess strong morals and are ethically sound earns them respect as well as reliability amongst the people.

Dogs like to keep their homes in order. In fact they like to keep everything in order. Cleanliness is something that is very important to maintain for the dog. Helping others with their problems comes naturally to the dog. Although dogs do not possess a materialistic nature they are very careful with the money that they have.

Dogs & Finances

They are not the kind of people that will blindly follow their passions and chase items of luxury. They would much rather invest in things that are practical and if they have no need for anything new they would rather save the money that they have with them rather than spend it on something useless.

When it comes their personal nature dogs tend to be temperamental at times. They are generally considered to be quite narrow-minded and possess the characteristics of stubbornness. When the dog is ticked off it likes to be alone and tries to correct things in his head rather than vent its frustration on others.

Happiness is the key to the health of a dog. The difference between a happy and a depressed dog is obvious on their face and the way that they carry themselves. Although prone to develop illnesses dogs are quite resilient when it comes to facing difficult times. One unique aspect of the dog’s culture is the fact that although it can be blindly trusted it finds it very difficult to place its trust in others.

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