How To Do A French Manicure

Want to learn how to do a French manicure? Read our guide for facts and info that will help you to do a French manicure by yourself…

The main appeal of the French manicure lies in its all natural look preferred by many women who want to appear well groomed and polished from tip to toes!

The fashion industry promotes different views on the popularity and trendiness of the French manicure. Some experts think it is out dated and others refer to it as a mainstay classic. Whatever the opinion of the fashion industry experts, women all over the world continue to use a DIY kit, frequent salons or use fake nails to replicate the look.

The manicure gives a natural look and the nails end up looking neat, groomed and clean. The basic manicure looks neither flashy nor fussy but can be dressed up with nail art if desired.

How to do a French Manicure at Home

A French manicure is a distinct style of painting the nails. In that, the white paint is applied in a curvy smile across the free end of the nail and the entire nail is then painted with a sheer polish that is either light beige or pale pink in color.  It is an ideal way of lending a smooth and well-groomed look to nails that are short or of moderate length.

If you want to learn how to do a French manicure at home, the first thing to do is to prepare your nails like you would for applying any nail varnish. Remove the old nail polish with acetone remover and wash your nails and then trim them.

File them smoothly and neatly. Now apply a thin layer of the base coat to your nails. The neater and thinner this coat is, the longer it will last. Now put a thin plastic tip guide on your nail tip. This should cover the lower part of the nail and follow a curve created by the natural white of the nail.

Apply white nail polish to the free end of your fingernail and then let them dry completely. Keep the white lines very thin and dainty. If you use the thick line the nails will look wide and chunky. If you are learning how to do a French manicure for the first time then you can use off-white polish rather than white.

When the nail varnish on the fingertips is dry then gently remove the nail tip guides. Now paint the length of the finger nails with beige polish. You may need to apply another coat to finish it off and create a good sealed top. Now this is the last step, and you must let your nails dry completely for it to last over a week.  Do make sure you apply a top coat each night to make sure it lasts for a week.
How to Do a French Manicure with a Professional Kit

The French Manicure can be very tricky and can get smudged. The store based kits can arm you with more instructions and help you create a smoother and more professional finish. For an even more sparkling finish, try getting the first manicure from the salon and watch the experts create the look.

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