Chinese Zodiac Horse

Born in the year of the horse? Want to know what that means? Find out about the personality traits of the free spirited Chinese zodiac symbol of the horse.

The Chinese zodiac calendar is made up of a unique collection of different animals. This unlikely combination has legendary origins associated with the Buddhist dharma. One of the animals that’s finds its place in the seventh year of the calendar is the horse.

Horse Character

People born in the year of the horse are extremely energetic and strong. Horse people posses a very outgoing personality that is full grace. The horse is one of the more animated characters of the Chinese zodiac which always makes them the center of attention in a crowd. They are also known to be very witty, wise and possess a good sense of humor.

The horse is also endowed with the powers of reasoning and has mighty sharp intellect. This enables it to take on new subjects and master them in good speed. These qualities in the horse give them the ability to conduct a number of tasks simultaneously. They do however possess the tendency to leave some things unfinished because they tend to take on so many projects at the same time.


When it comes to moral standards the horse is a personality worth looking up to. Horse people are especially renowned for their honesty which shines even when the odds are against it. Generally, they have a very friendly nature and are open minded to accept different natured people and their perspectives. On the flip side horse people are often pointed out as being too self centered and are prone to throwing tantrums when things don’t go in their favor.

Healthy Horses

When it comes to staying fit horses are very serious about the issue. You will find them to be keen on maintaining good physical health which is the reason why they have a positive outlook of life. They are also known to be very athletic and their free spirited nature makes them love the outdoors where they can find the freedom to run around. Confinement to small places and prolonged periods of inactivity is what brings them down as it is totally against their nature.

When it comes to the professional world you will find the horse people to be very good at jobs that require them to interact with other people. The routine job is not one which the horse will particularly enjoy. The unique qualities in the horse enable it to take on any job and excel in it. Journalism, publications, translations and flying are some of the career lines that have been identified as areas where the horse can excel.

Horses in Love

Spontaneity is what drives the horse when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. They are quick to fall for others which often leads to heart break. When starting fresh with someone they tend to give it their all which is very honest of them but makes them liable to suffer from constant heartbreaks and betrayals.  However naïve it may seem this is something that is an inherent part of the horse’s nature and it only matures with age.

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