Ethan Allen China Cabinets

Ethan Allen China Cabinets have a proud and interesting history behind them. To find out if these cabinets are the right choice for displaying your formal dining table sets read on…

Ethan Allen Furniture Co. is an American company with retail stores in Great Britain. It was founded in 1932 as a housewares retailer and the owners purchased a bankrupt furniture manufacturing plant in 1936. It received its current name in honor of the Vermont revolutionary war hero in 1939 when the company introduced its line of early American furniture.

Unlike many other retailers, Ethan Allen manufacturers 65% of its furniture in the United States. It hopes to increase U.S. manufacturing to 70% with its newly released American Artisan line. As one of the largest furniture makers in the U.S. Ethan Allen offers a wide range of china cabinet styles. The company is well known for the quality of their fine furniture pieces and their china cabinets have the potential to become heirlooms.

Dining Room Furniture Sets

With the large array of styles and finishes offered by Ethan Allen, it is easy to find a china cabinet to harmonize with an existing dining table and chairs, but Ethan Allan also offers great dining room suites with all the pieces made to match. In recent years, matching furniture suites have become less fashionable, so even those who need a complete dining set may wish to choose from several different styles that harmonize to create a timeless room with furniture that feels like it has been collected over time.

China cabinets offer a practical way to display fine dishware and store all the accoutrements necessary for entertaining. The size of the china cabinet will depend on the space available in the room. Before selecting an Ethan Allen china cabinet, it is necessary to measure both the wall space and the ceiling height since some china cabinets can be more than 6 feet tall and the cabinet should not be so large that it overwhelms the room.

China cabinets offered by Ethan Allen include everything from primitive to art deco, although they do not have a large selection of ultra modern furnishings. Many people who admire modern furnishings mix vintage art deco pieces with modern for a more interesting look. Mixing styles from different historical periods gives rooms a more individual look that reflects an individual’s personality. Fabrics and finishes can be used to tie the styles together to form a cohesive room.

An Ethan Allen china cabinet is a beautifully crafted piece of furniture with a timeless appeal that is sure to make it a family heirloom. There are over 250 Ethan Allen design centers and consumers can also shop online for Ethan Allen china cabinets.

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