Great China Wall Clothing

Interested in Great China Wall clothing? Find out what this revolutionary clothing company has to offer in our product information guide…

Everybody has heard of the Great Wall of China. Not many have heard about Great China Wall though. This is a clothing company inspired by the long running historic Great Wall of China.

The Great China Wall Flavor

Great China Wall clothing caters to the modern men and women of today. This brand, although originating from China has made it big on the international level. In China you will be able to find various different kinds of clothing from the company.

The thing that sets this unique brand apart is the fact that their apparel is extremely creative while being cost effective at the same time. The company draws inspiration from historic Chinese cultural elements and incorporates their use in a contemporary fashion to create totally unique clothing.

Not all clothing from Great China Wall has the image of the Great Wall of China, as would seem to appear by the name of it. On the contrary very few of the company’s designs actually feature the Great Wall. The designs from the company are tailored to the taste of the contemporary youth.

Great China Wall has got people going crazy over some its products. Some of the most popular products from the company are as follows:

Skull Jeans for Men

This is a unique creation from Great China Wall and is currently soaring high in terms of popularity. The jeans have been given a very distinctive boot cut style that gives it a prim look. In terms of quality the skull jeans collection is second to none. In order to give the customers even more confidence the company even gives a guarantee on its skull jeans collection. The guarantee gives you a grace period during which you can return the product if you discover any defects in it.

The skull jeans collection has a number of different varieties under its umbrella. The brand new 7 is currently perhaps the most popular out of the entire collection. You will be able to get your hands on this hot item for about $199.99. In its essence the number 7 is a faded informal pair of jeans that has been adorned with different colored jewels in order to give it an edge. Other popular items from the series include the 7 for All Mankind Lt. Aqua A pockets, NWT-Seven For All Mankind Flynt Studded Jeans and 7 Seven for All Mankind Great China Wall Crystal.

Great China Wall fashion clothing for women

Great China also produces a host of fashion clothing items for women as well. The new 7 mankind Denim Skirt is one of the most popular women products from the company. This is a pure cotton skirt painted in Havana colors. Interested ladies can get their hands on this particular item for $285. The collection of ladies jeans from the company features a gorgeous variety decorated with appliqué works. Amongst the popular jeans are the Junior Stretch Jeans with Designer Pockets, Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans and Rock and Republic Victoria Beckham Blue London Crown.


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