Kitchen China Cabinets

Kitchen china cabinets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. For more information and ideas on selecting the best china cabinet for your kitchen read on…

Some people may not see a reason for kitchen china cabinets, since modern kitchens are well equipped with built cabinets which provide storage. Built in kitchen cabinets did not become a feature in kitchens until the latter half of the twentieth century. Prior to that time, kitchen cabinets were not built in and could be moved with the homeowner. There are lots of vintage kitchen china cabinets available in antique and vintage furniture stores.

Hoosier Cabinets

The Hoosier Co. was founded around the turn of the century and is still known for their unique kitchen china cabinets. The lower part of the cabinets featured closed storage with an enameled counter that could be slid into the cabinet or pulled out for use. The top part of the cabinet often had a built in sifter/bin for storing flour and sometimes had a bin for sugar as well. Upper storage areas consisted of open shelving or glass fronted doors. Many of the cabinets also featured built in spice racks. Hoosier cabinets were typically made from wood with an enameled metal counter and galvanized bins.

Metal China Cabinets

During the 1920s and 30s , kitchen cabinets, including kitchen china cabinets, were sometimes made from metal like aluminum and light gauge steel. Production of these cabinets mostly ceased during the second world war, since manufacturers had difficulty getting metal. The majority of these metal china cabinets featured two bottom doors covering storage shelves and a single drawer. The top part of the cabinet most often had double glass doors, often on sliders. These old metal china cabinets can be a fun addition to the kitchen, and if they require refinishing, the best place is the local auto body shop.

Kitchen Hutches

While most china cabinets do not have a workspace or counter area, hutches raise the upper display area of the china cabinet allowing for a work or serving area. Kitchen hutches may have open shelving or glass fronted doors for displaying dishware or kitchen utensils. As a rule, the lower part of hutches is several inches wider than the upper display area. Hutches have a less formal appearance than most china cabinets and make a great addition to kitchens or breakfast areas.

Kitchen china cabinets bring a touch of nostalgia into modern kitchens which can sometimes be less than welcoming. It is easy to find both vintage and reproduction kitchen china cabinets at stores that offer antiques and vintage furniture and at online furniture retailers.

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