Magnum PI China Doll

Interested in Magnum P.I china doll? Find out about this award winning episode of the hit television series…

Magnum P.I was a super hit mystery series aired on television back in the 80s. The detective show was a prime time drama that ran a full sixty minutes. The man behind the direction of this hit television series was Donald P. Bellisario. In the year 1980 an episode titled “China Doll” of the series was aired which went on to win the Edgar Alan Poe Award for the best single television episode in 1981.

The plot of magnum P.I “China Doll”

This particular episode had Susie Elene, an acclaimed television actress playing the role of an antiques dealer by the name of Mai Ling. In the program she hires Magnum the private investigator, played by Tom Selleck as always. The reason behind hiring the private eye was to safeguard a priceless Chinese vase that was in possession of the antiques collector. The vase was known as the “Soul of Soong”.

The reason why Mai Ling sought the services of the private eye was because Choi, a relentless professional assassin part of the much feared Tong gang was after the antique Chinese vase. George Cheung plays the character of the assassin in the episode.
The real twist to the story was over discerning whether the vase that Magnum was so diligently safeguarding was the real thing or not. After all it would not be worth it to place the private eye’s life on the line for an antique piece that wasn’t even the real thing. The story unfolds as the episode goes through its twist and turns finally ending with Magnum P.I safe and sound and the bad guys getting what they deserve.

The popularity of the show

The unique theme of this particular episode made it a huge hit during the year of its release. As mentioned above the episode won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for the best single television episode during the year in which it was aired.
Magnum P.I is counted amongst one of the most popular prime time shows to have aired on cable television. Even years after its production, it was aired around the world gaining a huge fan following that was truly infatuated by Tom Selleck playing the rule of the fearless and sometimes goofy detective.

Magnum P.I Feature Film

In recent years there has been news about producing a feature length film of the series. This news was first made public in 2006. The man behind producing and directing the Magnum P.I feature film is Rawson Marshal Thurber, who has the hit movie Dodgeball to his credit. In 2007 the director made it official that Mathew McConaughey would play the role of the detective. Steve Zhan would play Rick and Tyrese Gibson would play the role of T.C. The role of Higgins is to be played by William H. Macy. The production of the feature film has not yet begun though, as IMDB has pushed the date to 2011.

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