Noritake Barrymore China

Looking for info on Noritake china patterns? Read our guide for info on Noritake china patterns including savannah, Trudy, Trilby, Joy & Bamboo…

You will find the ladies to instantly fall in love with this bone china pattern featuring a beautiful purple and pink floral pattern. The brush strokes are faint suggestive of elegance and grace. Larger flowers are placed on four sides with the main flower being slightly bigger than the rest. This creates a great focal point in this old school bone china model.

Noritake Savannah

Savannah is one of the more expressive patterns developed by Noritake. It features a brilliant pink and blue rendered floral pattern that goes all along the rim in an organic form. The floral pattern is accompanied by green and orange leaves giving it a very vibrant appeal. You can search for Noritake Savannah using the pattern number 2031.

Noritake Trudy

This Ivory china set is one of the most popular varieties from the Japanese company. It has a simple yet elegant design with blue and white scrolls along with a similar banding. Trudy accessories are available on their own where as a huge dinner set comprising of 63 items is also available. .

Noritake Trilby

This lovely pattern has white and gray daisies going around the rim on a white background. A platinum band also lines along the perimeter. Trilby chinaware from Noritake goes to show the company’s minimalistic brilliance in design. You can search for Trilby dinnerware using the pattern number 6908.

Noritake Joy

A beautiful composition of flowers in different shades of blue decorates this wonderful chinaware. The blue flowers have long stems artistically rendered in varying shades of green. The pattern starts from the ground level on the china as if growing naturally from the ground and goes almost all the way up to the top on a white background. Noritake Joy can be searched for using the pattern number 8777.

Noritake Bamboo

If you are looking for unorthodox chinaware then this particular pattern from Noritake is just what you are looking for. It features long bamboo shafts starting from the bottom and extending out of the top. The cropped image is skillfully rendered in the natural tones of the tree. A bamboo leaf comes into the picture attached from the extending shaft and follows the rim to the opposite end of the chinaware.

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