Noritake Bone China

Interested in buying Noritake bone china? Discover the kind of variety that exists within this category before you buy…

Noritake is a world leader in chinaware. The Japanese company is known for its exquisite patterns and high standard productions. Noritake has not restricted its chinaware to porcelain. Rather it has ventured into a few other dimensions including Noritake bone china that comes under the fine dining category by the company.

Some of the finest Noritake bone china patterns are as follows:

Noritake Alsatia

This is a top choice pattern that showcases the company’s elegant touch. The design has a blue and white broad pattern on its rims. The teapot, creamer etc have an excellent look with their top edges carrying the same great pattern. Alsatia is typical classy chinaware production that comes under the bone china category.

Noritake Barrymore

You will find the ladies to instantly fall in love with this bone china pattern featuring a beautiful purple and pink floral pattern. The brush strokes are faint suggestive of elegance and grace. Larger flowers are placed on four sides with the main flower being slightly bigger than the rest. This creates a great focal point in this old school bone china model.

Noritake Evening Majesty

As the name suggests this particular bone china pattern has a regal touch to it. A royal blue pattern runs around the border surrounded with gold rims. Gold graphics reminiscent of what you would see in the royal court rooms of Medieval Europe are placed on opposite sides of the plates. The same graphic image takes the center spot on the tea cup.

Noritake Fascination green

This particular bone china pattern is truly fascinating to say the least. A nice dark green border with yellow intricate patterns runs along the rim. This design is maintained throughout the set but the cup has a light blue wide pattern blue the dark green border giving it an exclusive touch. Fascination Green is a formal set ideal for formal events.

Noritake Luxemburg

This bone china pattern is one of the louder varieties in the category.  A rich red border runs along the rim featuring a leafy pattern in golden yellow. The design is suggestive of the autumn season with a gold rim running around its edge. The heavy colored dinnerware is ideal for extravagant dinners or a china hutch cabinet.

Noritake Montvale platinum

This design has been tailored to meet the contemporary sense of aesthetics. It has a light purple border with a white background. A contemporary symmetrical pattern runs throughout this border in a beautiful tint of purple. This modern looking set is very elegant for today’s times.

Noritake Xavier Gold

Richness oozes out from this vibrant bone china design. Painted in vibrant colors such as a maroon red, blue and gold, Xavier Gold is one of the hard to miss designs by the company. An extremely congested leafy pattern in red is painted upon blue which becomes hardly visible. Gold rims have been added to the design to give it a regal touch.

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