Vintage Chinese Art

Interested in buying some Chinese vintage art? Take a trip through the history of art in China as we look into the heritage of vintage Chinese art.

When it comes to Chinese art we find it to be embracing all walks of life throughout the history of the country. All the arts and crafts productions from the region starting from the Neolithic period up till the very early years of the Ming Dynasty fall under the bracket of what can be described as vintage Chinese art.

Vintage Chinese Porcelain

Although there is a wide variety of mediums through which vintage Chinese art is represented we find that ceramics, stoneware, porcelain products and pottery happen to be found in most abundance. Artwork in bronze and jade has also been discovered belonging to the days of old. The Jin dynasty as well as the Yuan dynasty is particularly known for its amazing collection of song ceramics and porcelain productions.

The most prominent ethnic group that sprang from the Han dynasty is famous for its pottery and stoneware art work. Items in this medium can be found from the Neolithic age up to the Tang dynasty. Particularly popular are Chinese vintage vessels from these time periods. The pre song collection of vintage Chinese art includes an array of pottery and sculptures of figures.

There is however another side to Chinese vintage art that includes works of art in different mediums such as lacquer and cloisonné, jade and bronze. The Chinese artists that worked in these mediums produced works of art with intricate detailing and mysterious concepts. Stone and wood were the two most popular mediums.

Fine examples of Vintage Chinese art

The delicately modeled Yaozhou foliate dish from the Mid Northern Song dynasty is a classic example of Vintage Chinese art. This fine specimen that has literally been unearthed by the archaeologists belongs to the time period between 960-1127. Typical of the ceramics of that time the dish features gently rounded sides and geometrical divisions have been made part of the design. The foliage patterns have been artistically painted onto the dish showcasing the great skill that the Chinese potters and painters possessed even during those times.

Another classic item from the collection of Chinese vintage arts is a Cizhou-type white-ribbed black jar known as guan in local language. This artifact belongs to the Jin dynasty that flourished during the 12 century. A classic vintage art piece from the Yuan Dynasty is the Cizhou type russet striped black glazed bowl. These bowls have bee excavated from the Hebei province where the Guantai kilns once stood during the fourteenth century.

The Western Han dynasty is renowned for making innumerable contributions to Chinese art. Great examples from their dynasty include items like the pair of painted pottery feline headed jars. These jars were not only artistically decorated but they had an advanced mechanism of detachable necks as well. There are many vintage sculptures of animal figures and other mythological creatures dating back to this era.

Another aspect of Chinese vintage art is ancient Chinese jewelry. The classic style jewelry has served as an inspiration for many modern makers of jewelry who have sought to incorporate the ancient style into contemporary jewelry.

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