Vintage Noritake China

Looking to buy some special chinaware for your collection? Why not go for vintage Noritake china? Read our guide for facts & info…

Noritake has been operating for over a hundred years. Their collection of china patterns is bound to have some vintage patterns amongst them. Similarly if you need replacements to a broken set or a discontinued model you will be able to find them in the replacement stock.

Vintage 1974 Noritake China

Engagement Blue is one of the all time vintage Noritake patterns. As the name suggests this 1974 pattern was developed for a very special occasion. Unlike ordinary china this particular set does not have white plates. Rather the plates have a beautiful blue body giving it a touch of exclusiveness. A pattern of dark blue and white florals further enhanced the display.

Vintage 1953 China

If you are looking for some vintage china that dates back even further check out the 1953 Greenbay. The pattern is as alive as ever even today with its vibrant green and yellow graphics smack in the middle of the page. Green banding round the rim works to accentuate the appearance of the china set.

Today after almost a century has gone by, Noritake china continues to be as popular as ever. In fact with the help of the internet Noritake china has found a market outside of Japan and the United States as well.

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