Costa Rica Deep Sea Fishing

Going on vacation to Costa Rica? Want to do some deep sea fishing in Costa Rica? Our guide to deep sea fishing in Costa Rica gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with the most beautiful natural scenery imaginable. Within the borders of Costa Rica you can find everything from golden beaches and blue seas, to vast dense rainforests, to rolling green hills with coffee plantations to dormant and active volcanoes. Every year millions of tourists from al over the world come to Costa Rica to enjoy what it has to offer. Increasingly, more anglers are coming to Costa Rica, particularly from the US, to enjoy a deep sea fishing experience that many people say is second to none.

 Fishing Tours in Costa Rica

Situated in Central America, Costa Rica has extensive shorelines on both its east and western borders making access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans easy.  This means that regardless of where you are staying in Costa Rica, unless you are somewhere deep inland like Lake Arenal, you will never be that far away from a deep sea fishing experience.

 Sport Fishing Costa Rica

Although not as popular as scuba diving, deep sea fishing is catching on in Costa Rica and nowadays in practically every resort own you visit in the country you will find tour operators offering deep sea fishing tours. Of coarse, boats vary in size but you can expect there to be anywhere from 15 t o30 people on your boat with you when you go deep sea fishing. The variety of fish you can catch in Costa Rican waters is too numerous to state fully, although some of the most popular have been mentioned below.

Costa Rica Fishing Trips

One of the most commonly caught fish while deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is the Sailfish. These fish which can be caught all year round in Costa Rica can sometimes reach up to 10 feet in length and are recognizable by their long mouths and flamboyant fins.  Some reports from people who have gone deep sea fishing in Costa Rica state that you can catch as many as 10 sailfish in a single day.

In a bid to increase interest in deep sea fishing in Costa Rica, several fishing tournaments have been established in the country. The majority of these fishing tournaments are held in February when the weather and water conditions are best although its possible to deep sea fishing in Costa Rica at any time of year.

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