Costa Rica Health Industry

Looking for information on the Costa Rica health care industry? Want to know how the health care insurance system works in Costa Rica? Our guide to health care in Costa Rica gives you the facts you want to know.

Although not a rich country, Costa Rica provides an excellent health care service to all of its citizens with the government making a firm commitment to provide a comprehensive health care service from the cradle to the grave. The success of the health care industry in Costa Rica is attested to by the fact that is has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the entire world. Moreover, buying prescription drugs in Costa Rica is cheap and easy as in most cases a prescription is not even needed. This has caused many people from the US to take advantage of this fact and make regular trips to Costa Rica to stock up on needed medical drugs that are simply too expensive to purchase in the US.

Health Care Tourism Costa Rica

Although not traditionally thought of as a centre for medical tourism, Costa Rica offers an impressive health care system that every year is attracting more and more foreigners to the country to receive medical treatment. There are several reasons why the health care industry in Costa is beginning to see a boom. Firstly the fact that the US with its often expensive health care costs is relatively nearby ensures a large and steady Market of patients willing to travel to Costa Rica to receive health care. Secondly, because Costa Rica has a well established tourist infrastructure it has experience in welcoming foreigners and there are plenty of hotels and other attractions that appeal to people coming from other countries. Also, in comparison to surrounding countries, Costa Rica has a well developed health care industry with highly trained doctors and medical staff as well as several top class hospitals and other medical facilities.

Cosmetic Health Care Industry Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not a communist country, and as such doctors are free to open up their own private practices. This has resulted in a steady growth in the number of doctors who are specializing in the cosmetic health care profession. Performing a vast range of cosmetic health related procedures from nose jobs to face lifts to breast implants, many doctors in Costa Rica have received their education at some of the top colleges in the US and speak fluent English. The price of receiving health care in Costa Rica, however, is still small in comparison to the US despite the good standards of doctors and treatment in Costa Rica.

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