Sorrel Belgian Horse

Interested in the sorrel Belgian horse? Read our information guide to get an overview of the characteristics of this blazing horse.

The great working horse of Belgium has become a popular show horse in today’s world. The world at large has developed a liking for this astonishingly huge breed of horse. Amongst the factors that add to the appeal of the horse is the array of colors it is available in. The sorrel painted Belgian horse is one of the most popular versions of the breed.

Blazing Belgian Horse

Sorrel is actually a rich brown color that is often likened with the lighter and brighter shades of red. The vibrancy of the color makes it glow in the sunshine which is why the sorrel Belgian horse is often referred to as the blazing sorrel.

In some cases sorrel is often referred to as a particular pattern that is found on the Belgian. This pattern includes a splotchy body with a contrasting light colored main and tail along with the lower legs. This is a very typical pattern found in the Belgians.

To the experts the occurrence of the sorrel color or pattern is known as the pangare factor. According to them it is the mealy gene that works its way upon the red base color to produce this amazing color. Regardless of what causes this blazing color to appear on the skin of the Belgian horse it is one of the most loved and widely appreciated colors in the breed.

Value of the Color

Sorrel Belgian horses vary with regards to the brightness of their red base color. Some have a more fiery almost orange base color contrasted with white whereas others have a rich dark reddish brown shade.

The white mane, tail and feet give the sorrel Belgian its classy touch and it looks truly spectacular when galloping through the fields. Sorrel horses also feature a white strip running down the length of their faces giving them a very intelligent and graceful expression.

Generally the more prominent the white markings are the more the sorrel Belgian horse is valued. The lighter much brighter shade of red is the most sought after of sorrel Belgian horses. Such horses are often noted in horse shows for the extreme beauty that they carry.

Horse shows are not the only places where you will find the sorrel Belgian horse. There are many passionate horse lovers that treasure the breed in this color and keep them for personal riding purposes. Other than that these horses are even used for jumping, racing, hunting along with its age old occupation of working the plough in farm lands.

Since many people have developed an interest in the Belgian sorrel horse you will be able to find plenty of these horses for sale. Amazingly the price range for sorrel Belgian horses has steep variations. You will find some breeders or private owners to be offering you a sorrel Belgian horse for less than a thousand dollars. In other cases the demand for a top quality Belgian sorrel horse can exceed ten thousand dollars.

There are a number of factors that influence the price being demanded for Belgian sorrel horses. This has to do with the age, size, health and the quality of the color.

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