Costa Rica Property Buying Guide

Thinking about buying a property in Costa Rica? Want to know about prices and locations of Costa Rican property? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Buying property can be a trying ordeal when in your own country, so you can imagine how much more difficult it can be when buying property in a foreign country like Costa Rica. Firstly, there’s the language difference; everybody speaks Spanish and all the written documents from the newspaper advertisements through to the final title deed will also be in Spanish. Then there are the different laws which you will have to negotiate your way through when buying a property in Costa Rica. All in all buying a property in Costa Rica could be too much trouble to deal with, unless you do your research first.

Costa Rica Property Prices

When thinking about buying a property in Costa Rica the first things you have to determine are your budget and for what purposes you are buying the property. If you are buying a place to live in yourself, all that matters is that you like it. If you are buying the property as an investment, you have to consider how easily the property will sell for. Things like location, nearby amenities and facilities in the building are all important in determining the ease of selling your Costa Rica property.

Costa Rica Property Locations

Before you start looking at property in depth, its probably a good idea for you to narrow your search down, as it is unrealistic to search the entire country when buying a single property. The most expensive property prices in Costa Rica can be found in the north west of the country where the infrastructure is best. More rural areas can be found in the centre of Costa Rica where prices are also cheaper while the south of the country, which is still largely undeveloped in certain areas provides the cheapest prices of all.

Costa Rica Property Buying

If you are buying a property in Costa Rica it is strongly advised that you actually go there before purchasing anything. Although there are several estate agents in Costa Rica willing to deal with foreign buyers abroad, unless you are on the ground to see things for yourself, you will be in the dark about a lot of things and much more vulnerable to getting ripped off. You should schedule a trip to Costa Rica once you’ve made contact with the agencies and try to fit in as much property viewing as possible to give you a better idea of what you can expect when buying your property.

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