Costa Rica Traditional Clothing

Costa Rica Traditional Clothing

Want to know what constitutes traditional clothing in Costa Rica? Would you like to buy some traditional clothing from Costa Rica? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is situated in Central America and like most of the other countries in the surrounding area. Its history is deeply tied with that of Spain which used to rule Costa Rica as a colony. However, Costa Rica still has its own identity. When it comes to clothing and this can be seen especially in the traditional clothing. Although today the vast majority of Costa Ricans wear the same modern style clothes that everyone else in the world does. Traditional clothing is still worn in Costa Rica on special occasions.

Traditional Clothing for Women Costa Rica

For women in Costa Rica, traditional clothing consists of a dress. Tailored in a specific style to include a few important characteristics. Firstly the traditional dresses worn by women in Costa Rica on special occasions have thick and flamboyant ruffles. Protruding upwards and outwards from the shoulders and there are no sleeves to cover the arms.

The most popular colors for traditional dresses in Costa Rica are all the bright colors including red, blue and yellow. Often, traditional dress in Costa Rica for women will consist of a long skirt that reaches down to the ankles made from shiny and colorful fabrics.

From the waist upwards a plain white top is worn and these two items are brought together by a bright red cloth that is wrapped around the waist similar to a cummerbund. Often, a flower is artistically placed in the ear. To top off this beautiful traditional costume for women in Costa Rica.

Traditional Clothing for Men

Traditional clothing for men in is simple yet elegant. Similar to the women, a traditional Costa Rican costume for men consists of a cummerbund, usually red in colour. This is accompanied by plain colored shirt and pants usually both white in color although this can vary. In addition a traditional Costa Rican costume for men will also include a straw cowboy type hat as well as a red scarf that is tied around the neck.

On a day to day basis, regular clothing in Costa Rica is more or less the same as you would find in America. Consists of t-shirts and pants. One interesting point about clothing is that despite the warm weather and tropical climate, men rarely walk around wearing shorts but prefer to wear pants. Costa Ricans tend to only wear shorts when going to the beach, although that doesn’t mean you should feel uncomfortable wearing shorts while in Costa Rica.

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