Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Going on vacation to Costa Rica? Looking for a vacation rental in Costa Rica? Our guide to Costa Rica vacation rentals gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with a vast array of attraction guaranteed to spark the interest of the most eclectic assortment of visitors. Whether you are into extreme sports or just relaxing on the beach while soaking up the sun, Costa Rica has something for you. Located in Central America, Costa Rica is a popular vacation destination for many reasons. Not only is Costa Rica geographically closer to the US than Europe or Asia, but the country has a well developed tourism infrastructure ensuring that you’ll have a great vacation in Costa Rica.

Benefits of Vacation rentals in Costa Rica

Many people coming on vacation to Costa Rica opt to stay in a hotel for the sake of convenience. This is generally fine as the standard of hotels in Costa Rica is good and there is a wide range of hotels to suit different budgets. However, more people are starting to opt for vacation rentals in Costa Rica for various reasons. In some cases, especially when there is a large family or a group of friends going on vacation together, it may work out cheaper to go for a vacation rental property than to stay in a hotel. Vacation rental properties also offer you more privacy and convenience as there are no check out times and you don’t have to eat breakfast at a certain hour.

How to book a vacation rental in Costa Rica

If you do decide on a vacation rental in Costa Rica you basically have two options. Either book the property before you travel through an online vacation rental agency, or wait until you arrive in Costa Rica. The advantage of waiting until you arrive is that you can go see the property in person before committing to anything. The downside is that if you are only going on vacation for a couple of weeks you don’t want to waste time driving around and looking at rental properties.

If you decide on booking a vacation rental property before embarking upon your travels be sure to follow a few simple steps that should minimize the risk of disappointment to you. Firstly, decide what it is you are going to be doing for most of your vacation and where you are likely to be doing it. This allows you to specify an area to the agency when checking availability of vacation rentals in Costa Rica. Secondly, make a list of all the facilities you deem necessary to have in the property. This could include things like TV, air conditioning, cooking facilities, balcony or whatever else you are looking for. Make sure you specify these things to the agent when looking for your vacation rental. Another important thing is to ask the agent to provide you with recent photographs of the vacation rental property before agreeing to anything.

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