American Eagle Belts

Interested in buying an American Eagle belt? Explore the variety of unique belts from American Eagle…

American eagle has some of the trendiest belts that will help you to keep your pants up in style. The range of belts by American Eagle has hip casual designs as well as elegant and formal ones. Rest assured, no matter what kind of belt you desire American Eagle has one just for you.

Some of the most interesting varieties produced by the company are as follows:

American Eagle Standard & Tradition Belt

This is one of those seat belt buckle style belts made using rugged woven cotton. It features standard and traditional paint with a fully adjustable metal buckle. The American Eagle logo takes a prime spot on the buckle.

The other end of the belt is edged with a metal trim. To its uniqueness this belt actually sports a hidden bottle opener on the reverse side of the buckle. The unique belt is available in the market for $19.50.

American Eagle Fabric Belt

This rugged woven cotton belt has comfort, practicality and style all blended together in one. The belt features a mini screen print eagle detailing on its surface. The brown woven fabric gives the belt an earthy tone. This belt also features the metal bottle opener buckle which is fully adjustable. With this belt you actually have two in one because it is reversible. Hence you will have flexibility to choose the color of the belt according to what you are wearing. The belt is being sold for $19.50.

American Eagle Classic Leather Belt

This is one of the formal varieties from the company. It is made using genuine aged leather complimented by an antiqued bronze buckle. The leather has the American Eagle logo embossed on it. Leather stitching details add further aesthetic value to the design. This classy belt is being sold for $24.50.

American Eagle Dual Leather Belt

This is another new arrival in the collection of belts from American Eagle. The belt has been made out of genuine aged leather. A silver hexagonal buckle gives the belt a unique look. The same buckle can function as a bottle opener. You will find the trademark American Eagle logo to be embossed on the leather surface. The leather and suede construction give the belt good looks as well as durability. This American Eagle belt is being sold in the market for $24.50.

American Eagle Standard Issue Belt

This is a rugged and ever ready belt from American Eagle. It has been made using durable cotton canvas which is adorned by an antiqued double prong buckle. Metal rivets add further value to the belt. The belt has a raw edged end which gives it style and the trademark eagle on the front. The belt has been coated with Standard & Traditonal screen paint and is available in the market for around $24.

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