Best Croatia Holiday Resorts

Croatia is slowly but surely becoming the ultimate holiday destination given its breathtaking resorts. If you are planning a visit soon then read our guide for more facts and informationon the best Croatian holiday resorts…

Croatia’s tourism industry  is on a roll. It is an undiscovered beauty, which connect man and nature.  Here are the most popular resorts to visit.

Hvar, Central Dalmatia

Hvar is considered as the queen of the Dalmatian islands. It is admired for the history and rich culture that it represents through architecture, tradition and night life. It is distant from the mainland, dotted with fields of lavender, vine and olive trees.

Hvar brings you closer to nature and away from your mechanical lifestyle. It is modern and up to date with good quality restaurants, trendy boutiques and   ideal spots to watch yachts and boats.

Bol Resorts

Bol is another go-to spot for tourists because it is next to Zlatni Rat or Golden Cape which is a very popular beach. Large crowds of tourists flock everyday on boats from Hvar and other places.

The Makarska Riviera

Makarska is a booming place which stretches 40 miles which has exotic shingle and pebble beaches. It is best suited for those who have water sports and night clubs on their to-do list.


Dubrovnik is one place that cannot be missed. Monasteries, medieval houses, renaissance palaces and churches will leave you awe inspired.
Sightseeing and shopping go hand in hand with chic boutiques and markets.


Cavtat combines relaxation, sun and the sea together making it a top holiday resort. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Adriatic and cool off at the sparkly beaches. Or indulge in the many water sport activities available, from sailing, jet skis or scuba diving. If you are not into these then take pleasure from the many tantalizing restaurants, markets and art galleries.


Korcula is the ultimate destination for beach lovers as it has almost 200 inlets and beaches with sand, which is rare on the adriactic coast.


Opatija is different from other Croatian coasts as it is a calm and soporific place. It mainly appeals to the elderly who spend their days having cakes and coffee, spending their time playing cards and resting among the wooden foreshore.


Porec is the liveliest and largest resort in Croatia. With its beauty fit for a postcard, the old town is a little above the peninsula which has be swoon by tourism. The Basilica Euphrasis is a purpose built resort with its magnificent mosaics and fifteen blue flag beaches. There are any restaurants and bars from where the smell of sea food, ham and the finest olive oil livens up the ambience. Concerts, cocktail and shopping are the highlights of a great visit to Porec.

Remember to include some if not all these resorts in your itinerary to experience the most relaxing and memorable experience of your life.

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