Croatia Split Holidays

Located on the Dalmatia coast, Split is the second largest urban center in the country of Croatia. For more information on planning your holiday in Split read our guide…

It was originally built around the Diocletian Palace, the retirement home of Roman Emperor Diocletian. The palace is on the UNESCO world heritage list since it is one of the most significant original buildings from ancient architecture. Other Roman structures and walls can also be seen in the city.

Split is easily accessible from most major cities in Europe by both air and rail travel. Like other Croatian cities it has excellent bus service both within the city and between Split and other Croatian cities like Dubrovnik and Zagreb. Bus drivers can be fussy about exact change and it is best to have both euros and local currency on hand for bus fare. Boat travel to Italian ports and several of the Dalmatian islands is available on a regular schedule.

Guided Cycling Tours in Split

The city is compact and easily and best toured on foot to see all the local points of interest. There are also guided bike tours for those who wish to visit the must see places with a guide. Located on the Adriatic, Split has fine beaches for sun bathing and water sports and several resorts which offer all inclusive holiday packages. The weather is mild year round, but the best time for holidays is between May and October.

Split Carnival

Off season visitors may wish to see Split in February for the pre Lent Carnaval which is celebrated with as much enthusiasm in Split as it is in New Orleans (Mardi Gras)in the U.S. and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In April the city celebrates the work of 16th century Croatian playwright, Marko Marulic with a drama festival. In May, the International Flower Festival is held in Split and the festival for the city’s patron saint, St. Duje is held on May 7.

Around the end of June or the beginning of July, Split hosts a pop music festival and open air concerts, ballets and dramas are featured throughout the months of July and August.  Tourist accommodations are available at all price points and include youth hostels, bed and breakfast inns, self-catering villas and apartments and first class hotels. The beach is nearby even for those who choose to stay in the city’s center.

There are lots of great restaurants and plenty of nighttime entertainment in bars, pubs and night clubs. The Green Market is an open air marketplace that offers everything from fresh foods to clothing to art and is worth a visit. Split is a gorgeous city with many activities to entertain even the most discerning tourists.

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