Wooden French Doors

Wooden French doors are practical double doors that not only give a close fit but also render a distinguished look to the home. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Doors and indoor furniture have always been associated with wood, though contemporary options are diverse. There are aluminum doors, PVC doors and composite doors. Nevertheless, wood is known for its timeless appeal, due to which majority of homeowners prefer to invest in wooden doors rather than try out other options. Wooden French doors are considered ideal for exterior installations, such as patio doors as well as interior doorways. They are constructed from a variety of woods, such as pine, red oak and mahogany.

Aesthetic Appeal

French doors accentuate any part of the home, whether it is interior or exterior, by increasing brightness and making the home airy. Wood being a natural material couples well with the glass panes to render a unique charm to the door unit.  In the case of wooden doors, the visible part of the frame can be decorated with extra wood panels with ornate details. Such additional decorations allow the entry French door to mingle with any style in the vicinity. The characteristic wood grain and lustrous shine of French doors beats any other finish used for doors.

Acclaimed Features of Wood

Wood has always been the top choice for homeowners, as it imparts a stately feel to the home. It can be constructed with robust locking systems and blended well with glass and grills to match with the design theme of the home. Wooden doors are paintable as well as stainable, and hence, it can be appropriately treated to suit the home décor. During refurbishment processes, the door can be repainted with a suitable color to harmonize with the new décor of the space. Wood can last for several decades, provided it is well-maintained with painting and varnishing on a regular basis.

Design Options

Wooden French doors are well-suited for manifold titivations when compared to metal or other materials.  For instance, they can be adorned with ornate casings, sidelites and transoms to create an impressive architecture. An assortment of hardware, such as door knobs, knockers and hinges, allow for further embellishment of the door. The glass panes that are characteristic to French doors can be shaped and etched with varied patterns. The glass panel construction allow for divided light doors or full-glass doors. Frosted glass allows light diffusion and privacy by blocking view.

Wooden French doors have an established fame that makes them stand out. Apart from their installation in new homes, they are widely used to spruce up the existing home décor during renovation projects.

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