French Antique Lamps

Looking to buy an antique French lamp? Want to know how to tell a real French antique lamp from a reproduction? Our guide to antique French lamps gives you the facts & information you want to know.

A French antique lamp is a perfect way to brighten up your living room, study or bedroom while adding a touch of authentic French class to the atmosphere. There are many different types and styles of French lamps spanning over four centuries of craftsmanship with different styles, influences, materials and production methods used depending on what period the antique lamp was made in.

An antique French lamp, which is an important product within the range that constitutes antique French lighting,  typically is composed of three constituent elements. Firstly there is the lamp base. This is almost always made from a type of semi precious wood such as black wood, walnut, pine or mahogany. The craftsmanship on French antique lamps is exquisite if not understated with more of an emphasis on style than flare. The lamps are usually covered in some type of varnish and wood stain after the carving procedure is finished.

The second important element that goes into making an authentic French antique lamp is the lampshade. These lampshades are usually exquisite pieces of art handcrafted, often from silk. This lends a touch of class and sophistication to the lamp which was designed to serve just as much as a decorative piece as it was to be used functionally. Designs on French antique lampshades range from floral patterns, to landscape scenes to plain and simple colors.

French Antique Lamp Prices

The price of a French antique lamp depends on three factors: age, rarity and condition. Obviously, the better the condition the higher price a lamp will fetch. Even slight imperfections of scratches on a lamp can incur great losses in the the value of an antique lamp. Generally age and rarity go hand in hand. That is to say, yhe older a French antique lamp is the more rare it is likely to be and will thus command a higher price.

Restoring a French Antique Lamp

Restoring an Antique French lamp is a highly worthwhile process if you are planning on selling your damaged lamp, or if you have just bought a lamp at a bargain price and want it to go along with your antique French bed. Although the process of restoration is fairly straight forward, it also requires meticulous precision and is best left to an expert. Restoring an antique French lamp usually involves stripping the varnish of the wooden base and sanding out any imperfections before filling in bumps and reapplying a new layer of wood stain or varnish.

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