Danish Warmblood Horses

Want to learn more about Danish warmblood horses? Read on for facts and info on Danish warmbloods and find out what makes them so special…

Danish warmblood is a breed of horses ideally for sports. The breed was established in the 20th century and developed by crossing stallions with the Danish mares. Even though the breed is relatively new it has risen to the top ranks. This type of horse is calm and peaceful and does not act hastily. The Danish warmblood is breed of horse that is bred for its performance.

In order to better enhance the performance of the horse a strict and meticulous breeding program is established to ensure that international standard horses are bred. These horses are best known for dressing up and showing. For the improvement and betterment of the show jumping horse there are intensive programs to breed horses with extensive jumping capabilities. The characteristic of each horse depends upon the parentage of the horse. The Danish warmblood is a noble looking horse with a strong muscular body and long legs which aid in free movement. Usually the horses of this breed are of black, bay, brown or chestnut color however they can be of any solid color.

The warmblood breed in Denmark began by using the Frederiksborg indigenous horse breed. The fine horses with better ancestry from adjacent countries were used to create this breed of riding horses. The registry of the Danish warmblood was formed on 1978 and the reason was basically due to the incorporation of the Danish Light Horses Association and the Danish Sports Horse Society.

The Danish warmblood is a naturally balanced horse and this is one of the attributes that makes it an exceptional dressage horse along with being a cross-country runner. It is an example of a competition horse and has the right spirit and temperament to be a show horse. The bay is the most common color and the height of the horse is about 16 to 17 hands. With these qualities such a top class horse can be quite expensive. A Danish warmblood born in 2010 is worth $8500 while a 2008 breed can be purchased for $12500. The older the horse the more expensive it is because of the years of training and experience. A horse born in 1995 can be purchased for around $55000.

Danish Warmblood is a breed of horses made with the superior breeds and is used for showing and dressing. It is an expensive breed and is easy to train. Some of its features are as follows:

• Easy to train and are spirited and courageous
• Have an average height of 15 to 17 hands
• Bred to have a thoroughbred outline show strength and substance
• Basically used for cross country running, dressage, showing and show jumping

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