Best Double French Horn Brands

Would you like to know about the best brands of double French horns available today? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Whether we consider it convenient or confusing, it is no doubt a fact that today there are too many brands of any and everything. This is the same issue with French horns where in the early days there were only one or two pioneer companies who dominated the market. This meant that there was little variety and everybody owned the same horns.

When choosing a particular manufacturer it is also important to know what you are looking for. Basically what this means is that every player has different requirements which need to be fulfilled by the French horn. For instance beginners need a good student instrument, some players focus on projection while others may want an easy horn to play.

Most notable manufacturers

Now let’s simplify things and look into the best manufacturers. Some of them are not the most high end brands yet they are very popular due to other reasons.


Holton is a brand chosen by many professional musicians today. The provide horns with great intonation, depth and a mid ranged tone which makes it easy to play. There have been many lines introduced by Holton over the years based on research for improvement.


Conn is another recognized manufacturer which has gained popularity over the years. It is not amongst the most high end brands yet the Conn French horns are popular among many beginner and intermediate musicians.

Even though some consider the Conn horns to be of above average quality yet the sheer volume of their sales show that they are indeed quite popular.Their best horns are considered to be the ones manufactured after the mid 1990s.


Paxman is one of the biggest names in the manufacturing business of French horns. The company has only grown ever since its inception in 1945. They are considered as the market leaders given their focus towards research, innovation and customer service.

This is one brand which guarantees reliability and delivering high quality horns. They also introduce new lines of horns to meet the changing demand of musicians. Professionals can definitely find a horn that is befitting to their experience and mastery.


Yamaha is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of musical instruments. More than anything they emphasize on customer service and improving the playing experience of their end users. The Yamaha French horns are also popular with most people because they are reasonably affordable than many other horns.

Yamaha has an extensive range of double French horns which come with varying features and specifications. These have developed to keep into consideration the different requirements of people.

So anyone looking for a double French horn that is reliable, popular and reputed then choose from amongst the manufacturers and brands listed.

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