Antique American Indian Baskets

Want to buy antique Indian baskets? Read on for a historical overview on ancient baskets from the native Indian culture…

Basketry is regarded as being amongst the oldest Native American crafts in recorded history. Archaeologists have been able to find remnants of worn away baskets from a number of different sites. Some of these baskets have been preserved and are available on auction as antique Indian baskets.

Antique Indian baskets date back to the time of the “ancient ones” according to the archaeological findings. These were sites where it is believed that the ancient predecessors of the modern-day Puebloans used to dwell. It is the Pueblo tribe which is credited for being the foremost in developing this Native American art form.

Baskets were not created as works of arts in the early native Indian societies. Rather they were made to serve practical purposes such as storage, or for carrying and cooking. With the passage of time however the Pueblo people began experimenting with this craft as an artistic expression that had a strong tribal identity.

Slowly but surely the Native American tribes started weaving decorative baskets for the purpose of trade. Specially designed baskets were also developed for tribal ceremonies and other important functions.
Antique Indian Baskets Materials

Native Americans were known for their closeness to nature and it was but natural that they made use of all natural materials. However because of the fact that they were made using organic materials most of them did not pass the test of time.

The ancient basket weaving techniques have been passed down through the generations so as to preserve the historical techniques. Today machines can be used to produce far more accurate and cost effective baskets based on the traditional Indian designs. However Native Indians have a strong belonging to their ancient traditions.

The ancients were extremely skilled at creating their baskets. Even the modern day practitioners of this ancient craft attest to the fact that they cannot create baskets with the quality and finesse that their predecessors used to achieve when they would create their baskets.

Apart from the Pueblo tribe there are some Southwest tribes that are renowned for their elegant baskets. Foremost amongst them were the Pima and Apache olla shapes and woven in trays. The frame of the baskets would be created using native plant material and then woven upon.

Amongst the popular styles in antique Indian baskets are Apache ollas, Apache trays, Pima trays as well as the Tohono O’odham baskets. Also popular are baskets from Hualapai, Havasupai, Chemehuevi and the Grand Canyon. Antique Indian baskets are prized for their color, designs, patina as well as historical origins.

If you are interested in antique Indian baskets then you need to exercise caution when searching for them in the market. Finding authentic antique Indian baskets is very difficult. This is because there are very few specimens left in the market and very few of those that have these baskets in their possession will be willing to sell them.

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