Double French Horns Made In China

Should you buy double French horns that are made in China? Read our guide for more facts and information…

There is a wide array of French horns that are made and exported from China. This can be taken back to history as horns are being used in China since 2000 BC. They were used in ceremonies and for signalling.

Today there are many brands that have their factories in China while there are many local ones which are exported worldwide.

The reason why many people choose to buy the French horns that are made in China is the cheap cost. Those on a tight budget and in a need for a cheap French horn choose to buy the imported varieties. Yet despite there low cost, many a times the quality is compromised.


Many customers have faced problems of tuning, slow responsiveness in high or low registers. While others complain about poor quality and craftsmanship which is evident when their valves seize up after some time and cannot be repaired.

Further it is difficult to assess the quality of the imported Chinese French horns. The reason is that there is a lot of variation in the quality of the batches that are exported. And so it may be difficult to get your hands on a high quality Chinese French horn as they are essentially copies of the existing designs on the market.

The horns need to be made with precision for example the mouth pipe tapers have to be exact to the millimetre. But when they are mass manufactured the final result is not desirable.

Another issue that comes up is that the actual product may vary from that shown on the exporter’s website. Further Chinese horns rarely come with guarantees or return policy which adds to the trouble.


The ideal customer for the French horns that are made in China will be the one looking for the cheapest musical instruments available in the market.

It is already stated that the French horns of popular reputable brands such as Holton and Yamaha are expensive than the ones made in China. Yet they have been in the market for over 20 to 30 years. They have established their name for their quality and service in the market. A comparatively cheaper option is the Jupiter French horn.

There are many brands available yet no one brand can be considered as the market leader. So if you are considering buying a Chinese brand then take the opinion of your peers or anyone who has bought a Chinese horn. Make use of the experience of others to make your choice.

Among the Chinese French horns, the mini F singles are more popular than the double French horns. They are extremely cheap and can be repaired as well.

It is best to consider the long term costs of purchasing a cheap Chinese horn. You may be better off if you buy a double French horn from a reputable company which gives you the assurance that your instrument will serve you for many years.

Therefore only choose the option of an unbranded French horn made in China if you cannot afford a French horn from any reputable brand.

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