Food of Provence

Are you interested in the French regional food of Provence? Perhaps you’d like to cook some French food from Provence? Here we’ve put together interesting facts & information about the food of Provence.

Provence has some of the best French regional food in France. Provence, which is located in the south of France, enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine which in turn affects agriculture in the region and ultimately the food of Provence. The food of Provence is almost always prepared with heavy use of olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. In fact, anytime you’re reading a French menu and you see the words a la provenciale at the end of a dish, this means that the food is prepared with garlic and seasoned tomatoes.

The food of Provence often use various vegetables, some of the most common of which include egg plant, squash , courgettes and onions, all of which are grown in the region of Provence.

Famous Food of Provence

One of the most famous food recipes to come from Provence is ratatouille. This is a stew made with tomatoes, eggplant, green herbs, green peppers and garlic.

Often the food of Provence is accompanied by a special locally produced sauce called aioli, which is a mix of mayonnaise and freshly crushed garlic spread on vegetables like asparagus as well as eggs and cod fish. Otherwise, people is Provence like to eat their vegetables by dipping them in anchovy paste.

Bouillabaisse is another commonly eaten food in Provence. This soup, which is made using three different kinds of fish, is cooked in a broth of onions, tomatoes, saffron, and herbs such as bay leaf, sage and thyme. Although a soup, bouillabaisse is eaten as a main course in Provence often served with toast and a spicy sauce called rouile. Marseille is said to have the best bouillabaisse in Provence.

Another popular food of Provence which is served as a starter is soupe au pistou. This food consists of vegetables, noodles, beans and basel.

Seasonal Food of Provence

A popular food in Provence eaten during the winter months is beef stew served with cold pate.  Although not known for its dairy produce like the regional French food of Normandy, Provence does produce excellent goat’s cheese.

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