Irish Promise Rings

Interested in buying Irish promise rings? Discover this unique traditional concept from Ireland that is picking up in modern times…

The concept of promise rings seems to be catching on these days. Although many of us believe promise rings to be a relatively new concept in the world of fashion the fact of the matter is that promise rings actually belong to ancient Irish traditions.

A promise ring is basically a material token of commitment that is exchanged between two people between whom an oath or agreement has taken place. The promise could be practically anything. Therefore it is imperative that both parties who will be exchanging Irish promise rings are completely clear regarding the agreement that is taking place.

Uses of Irish Promise Rings

Amongst the common occasions at which the Irish used to exchange promise rings is the bond of marriage. The promise ring would be a token to stay faithful to each other. It was also commonly used to denote chastity. A girl wearing a promise ring would take an oath to retain her virginity until marriage. Friendship of course was another prominent occasion which was made stronger using the concept of promise rings. Promise rings were also used to take a pledge that one would stay away from bad addictions such as drugs, alcohol and gambling. Another reason for sporting Irish promise rings was to retain one’s commitment to their religious faith.

Without a shadow of a doubt the most popular occasion for sporting Irish promise rings was pre-engagement. This was an agreement tied between two people who had consented to take each other in marriage. Basically the promise ring would serve as a symbolic promise that an engagement would be held between these two people in the near future. In other words it’s a sign of “going steady” with someone, so much so that both parties have the intention of getting married.

The promise ring would serve as a prelude to the actual engagement. In this time period both parties could test how faithful the other person is prior to making an official commitment. This time period of pre-official engagement can be considered to be a grace period during which any party concerned can draw away if he or she changes their mind due to some reason. Considering the alarming rise in divorce rates across the world it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to promote this concept.

Cheap Irish Promise Rings

You may be wondering why bother spending so much money on a ring when you aren’t even officially engaged to the person. Well, the good thing is that Irish promise rings are highly cost effective. Of course you will be able to find the high end Irish promise rings but in general these rings are very affordable.

Wearing the promise ring in specific ways has specific meanings. For example if the wearer sports an Irish promise ring on their left hand it means they have committed to a relationship of fidelity. If the ring is sported on the right have with the heart facing outward it means the individual is single and available. And if the ring is worn on the right hand but the heart is pointing inwards it means the wearer is already booked.

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