African American Little Girl Hairstyles

The ideal African American little girl hairstyles for children are styles that do not give tension to their hair. A young girl’s hair is fragile and susceptible to breakage so hair extensions as well as applying harsh chemicals are a no-no when it


One of the most typical African American little girl hairstyles is the traditional ponytail. Young girls wearing this hairstyle look fresh and cute.  Children could either tie their hair in multiple ponytails or have it in pigtails. No matter what style of ponytail they go for, they can accessorize their hair with ribbons and bows.

You can make the ponytail look more interesting by giving each division a zigzag design. This is great for pigtails, two ponytails on each side of the child’s head or three ponytails, one ponytail for each side and another at the back of her head. To create the zigzag division near the roots of the hair, you can use a rattail comb to design the zigzag.


Braids are one of the most popular African American little girl hairstyles. This type of hairstyle is suitable for children who have healthy and strong hair. These African American little girl hairstyles are also perfect for girls ages six and up. Cornrows are the most common type of braid among African American children.

When tying your child’s hair in a braid, make sure that you do not pull her hair with great force nor tie it too tight. This may lead to hair damage as well as hair loss. Braids that are too tight can cause pain and may hurt your little girl. So, it is advisable to check how you braid your child’s hair because your child might be afraid to tell you that the way you braid her hair hurts.


Curls are the perfect African American little girl hairstyles for your child. You can use sponge rollers to curl their natural tresses. Never use hard curlers to style your child’s hair. This type of hairstyle is good for special events or important occasions. It is also ideal for young girls who are eight years old and up.

To create the perfect cute little curls for your child, all you have to do is divide your child’s hair into two parts and use two big curlers on each parted hair. Then, curl her bangs using a sponge roller. Another way to create curls is by tying the young girl’s hair into ponytails and curling the ends of each ponytail. To control frizz, apply a small amount of setting lotion to minimize the frizz and pull the hair around the sponge curler. Be sure to ask the child if it hurts or not.

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