Spanish Kids Games

Your children need not suffer from boredom whilst learning Spanish. Find out how you can make your kids Spanish lessons into fun filled activities that will keep them longing for more.

Learning a new language requires patience and perseverance. This fact of learning will never change. But learning a language need not be as boring as it is perceived to be if the right educational tools are used. Kids are especially prone to develop boredom during learning a new language and this can be detrimental to the learning process of the child. If however the right educational tools are used a child’s potential to achieve better results is increased. For the purpose of making the process of learning the Spanish language an engaging fun filled activity many educational Spanish kids games have been developed.

The main aim of these games is to trigger the passion for learning amongst the children. The games have all the elements that make the child want to win at it and to do that he must develop a good understanding of the language. The different games have been designed keeping in mind the child’s psychology and level of comprehension. These games are ordinarily played by Spanish speaking children as well but can be very effective for those children looking to learn the language.

Top Spanish Kids Games

Amongst the many Spanish kids games is Scrabble. This game has proved to be one of the best ways of enhancing your vocabulary and testing yourselves within a group of other people. It is the exact Spanish version of the English scrabble we are all aware of. The benefits of playing scrabble in Spanish are twofold because not only do you have to remember a long list of words in order to be good at the game you have to learn how to spell them as well. The old school game of monopoly is another top choice to assist the children in learning Spanish. It is always a good option to start off with a game that you are familiar with so that you don’t run into trouble while figuring out the rules of the game. The Spanish version of Twister and Operation are also amongst the educational games that help in the learning of the language. Guess who? And the Latin American editions of Cranium are other fun and engaging games that kids can benefit from.

There are many Spanish PC games for children as well. These games seem to interest the kids of today even more so than the board games because of the fact that they often times incorporate moving pictures and sounds which seems naturally has a stronger appeal. Body part hangman is a popular computer game that requires you to spell words. There are other games that require spelling out different words and when you have done so a native speaker of the language plays it back to let you hear it and learn the correct pronunciation as well. Other PC games will require you to match pictures with the correct words or join words to form grammatically correct sentences. Then you have those games where you have to make proper arrangements of misplaced things such as numbers, days of the week and months of the year.

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