French Door Electric Wall Ovens

The French door electric wall oven features dual dependent doors and a host of value-added features that can bring a dramatic change to your cooking experience. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Ovens are the most functional parts of the kitchen and they come in several models, ranging from the bulkier free-standing ovens to the space-saving electric wall ovens. Wall ovens are much preferred for small kitchens and for apartment dwellers as space is a big constraint for them. They are also easy to access as they are installed at eye level.

Advantages Over Conventional Ovens

French door electric wall ovens are the latest trend in residential and commercial kitchens, owing to their chic looks and convenient features.  The obvious feature that sets it apart from standard models pertains to the dual dependent doors. The dual doors meet in the center like the traditional French door unit, and when one door is opened the other is automatically activated. Therefore, you can pull either the right or the left door handle with one hand, while holding the oven tray in the other hand.   It allows multiple functions including Standard Bake, Convection Bake, Fan mode and Infrared Broil. The front panel has switches to control the lights. Each door features an extra-large window to allow proper viewing. The stainless steel exterior comes in several colors and features analog controls and chrome-bezelled knobs.  With multiple cooking levels and gliding racks, wall ovens are ideal for commercial use.

Unique Innovection Convection Technology

The Innovection Convection Technology is an advanced technology that utilizes two convection motors coupled with louvered side panels. This design enhances heat distribution, in terms of uniformity, so that heat circulates in the entire oven cavity. With consistent heat circulation, even a full-sized turkey is well cooked or roasted.  Further, the cooking space is heated faster, resulting in shorter cooking time, whether it is baking, searing or roasting. Additionally, the oven comes in an electric version, gas version or a hybrid version that uses both electricity and gas. In the gas version, this innovative technology allows for a twenty percent reduction in gas consumption as it does not depend on radiant heat for baking.

Value-Added Features

When a standard wall oven door is opened to a perpendicular position, it extends to about twenty inches or more. But, the French door design occupies only about fifteen inches, allowing more space in the kitchen. When compared to the conventional model, it consumes less gas and takes less time to reach the pre-heat temperature. It comes with two oven lights and multiple racks that allow multiple positions as well. The interior is porcelainized, making it easier to clean. Yet another feature is the convenience and safety of installing it at the eye level. It is safer when children are around as they cannot access it easily.

French door electric wall ovens are not only stylish, but they also allow better access to the oven. Energy-efficient features and improved baking performance make them superior to conventional ovens.

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