French Door Frames

French door frames are designed to complement the aesthetics of the paired door unit, while providing strong support and close fit to eliminate drafts. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Door frames are made of steel or wood and come in several sizes. French door frames are typically made of wood, such as oak, and consist of the head, the sill and the jambs. The head refers to the horizontal top of the frame, the sill refers to the horizontal bottom piece and the jamb is the vertical component of the frame. Manufacturers supply a wide range of door frames in softwood and hardwood, with appropriate linings and casings.

French Door Frame Aesthetics

The face of the door, i.e. the visible portion of the frame in a closed door unit, tends to highlight the overall look of the door. It may bear additional wood paneling with ornate decorations in order to add to the beauty of the door. The frame on an entry French door serves to merge the home décor with the door style, and a well-designed frame can create an impression on the minds of guests who walk through the threshold. Ornate casings may feature sidelites to present a catchy design. Sidefans and vestibules may be included in entrance door frames to enhance the utility and beauty. Other hardware, including hinges come in several types and designs to match the color, style and position of the door.

Framing Dimensions

The most important task in framing French doors is the measuring part, involving some vital calculations. The width of the door opening must be calculated bearing in mind that double door installation will involve three vertical gaps, unlike single door installation where only two gaps will occur. The three gaps pertain to the gaps on either side of the jamb and the central gap between the two doors. Further, both the jambs will have hinges, as the doors will lock in the middle. In the case of single doors, there is a hinge jamb and a strike jamb. While measuring the height, the gap for the head and the space for the flooring under the doors must be considered.

Security Features

External doors are constructed with additional safety features, apart from aesthetic and utility features. Timber-framed double glazed doors with ironmongery features can provide a solution with respect to security and durability.  Hinges are also vital safety features on the frame. They fit on the door casing and are nailed into the frame. Usually made of metal, the prime purpose of hinges is to attach the door to the frame, but they are also important security hardware for external doors. Hence, entry doors always have hinges placed on the inside, rather than the outside.

A suitable door frame complements the attractive casement design of a typical French door.  Though it takes some extra effort to install French door frames, it is worthwhile, as they can make a gorgeous addition to any living space, be it interior or exterior.

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