French Door Glass Inserts

French door glass inserts come in several types and designs that can multiply the artistic appeal of the French door unit. Read our guide for more facts and information…

There are endless ways to improve the décor of a home, with respect to furnishings, upholstery, appliances, and so on. Nevertheless, doorways have a prominent place in home décor, mainly because of the way in which they blend functionality and beauty to create a lasting impression for the entire home. The style and elegance of French doors is inimitable, and hence, it is not surprising to see manufacturers coming up with enhancements for every detail of the door. The following paragraphs discuss about French door glass inserts that are widely applied to spruce up French doors.

Glass Door Insert Application

Door glass inserts are the best way to create inviting and functional entrance ways. When it comes to French door glass inserts, the transformation can be dramatic, as glass design can be manipulated to influence every other design element in the interior. It has been noted that most of the existing door window frames, which were installed years ago, consist of Styrene that becomes fragile and yellow over time. Hence, manufacturers have come up with a solution to replace old door glass with contemporary glass inserts, in an attempt to upgrade and redecorate the door. In new homes, entrance doors with half or full glass inserts is a common feature.  Besides, door glass inserts are increasingly used for cabinet panels, wall murals, fanlights, portholes and skylights.

Door Glass Insert Types

Apart from designing new doors with elegant glass inserts and replacing old glass panes, it is also possible to cut into certain door designs to install glass inserts.  Glass inserts come in several types namely, all-weather glass, energy-efficient glass, decorative glass and as double-pane windows. The classification pertains to the type of glass and application. Further, manufacturers offer to install suitable glass inserts for different door locations, such as side entry doors, double entry doors, sliding patio doors etc.

Designs And Textures

Creativity coupled with technology has allowed for a myriad of patterns, colors and textures on French door glass inserts. The glass type may be tinted, clear, low-energy glass or etched glass. Gorgeous handcrafted designs on colorful glass serve to illuminate the interior.  Unique techniques are used to create glass designs on plain or stained glass inserts to suit varying applications, including cabinetry and skylight. For instance, ‘Tiffany Style’ is a technique that uses copper foil to create intricate and complicated designs that compete with traditional glass designs.

With the proliferation of casement design that is exclusive to the traditional French door, the application of glass inserts is becoming diverse. Apart from interior doors and entrance doors, designed glass inserts are becoming popular for cabinet panels.

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