French Door Roman Shades

French door roman shades are popular functional window coverings that add a characteristic style to French doors by combining simplicity and elegance. Read our guide for more facts and information…

French doors are celebrated for their timeless appeal in terms of their versatility, utility and style.  They serve as entrance ways as well as windows, apart from adding an artistic element to the décor of the living space. As they are primarily constructed of glass, it is important to dress them up with appropriate window treatment. Window coverings act as shades, filtering bright light and also insulate the room during cold weather. Roman shades have always blended well with French doors, contributing to its functional characteristics and exuding its beauty.

How do Roman shades work?

Roman shades work with a pulley system that raises and lowers the shade to open and close respectively. A cord is connected to the system and it can be maneuvered to adjust the light transmitted into the room. These shades come in a variety of styles, fabrics and price ranges to suit the design requirements and interests of homeowners. They can be installed within the window frame or above the frame, depending on the extent of coverage required. Further, Roman shades can be layered over other window treatments such as sheer curtains, to render a clean and cozy appearance. They come in a variety of materials, such as jute, vinyl, bamboo, polyester, satin, and woven fabrics.

Types of Roman shades

Roman shades are categorized into a few types namely, flat shades, cascade shades and soft shades. Flat shades are rectangle-shaped and consist of a wooden dowel at the bottom hem to retain their shape. Upon opening, they gather up in accordion-folds at the rear of the blind. Cascade shades give a fuller covering and are raised by pulling up the fabric from its bottom, backwards through the rear. They have cross-wise pleats that accommodate the dowels and help retain the shape. Soft shades have a rope inserted on their side seams, and are closed or opened by operating the rope. The bottom displays a curve when it is in the open position, rendering a delicate look to the shade.

Characteristics of Roman shades

Apart from privacy and light control features, Roman shades come in dust-resistant fabrics. Blackout shades eliminate glares and create a suitable environment for watching movies or sleeping without being disturbed by bright sunlight pouring through the windows. Breezy linen shades exude light textures that can spruce up bigger windows and French doors. Satin shades are widely used to impart a graceful look to bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. They blend well with furniture and make the existing décor more noticeable. Acoustic features and insulating capabilities are other useful characteristics of certain fabrics used in Roman shades.

French door Roman shades have remained in style over the decades because of their versatility and elegance. They allow for customized patterns and colors that match the upholstery and furnishings in a room.   Some designs have a handle to operate the shade and are safer in areas where children are likely to tamper with ropes.

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