French Dressing Jeans

Have you been shopping for jeans recently? Are you interested in learning about the brand French Dressing Jeans? Do you want to know about the fit and style of French Dressing Jeans? Read our guide for more facts and information…

French Dressing Jeans is a Montréal based company that has grown into an iconic brand. The brand has existed for over two decades and has steadily been growing in its popularity. The Company, French Dressing Jeans, has built its reputation and its business on the concept of real fit for real women.  The Company is geared towards women 35 years and over. French Dressing Jeans specializes in jean; however, the company has recently extended to creating skirts, jackets and tops. French Dressing Jeans are sold across North America and Europe in over 2500 boutiques. French Dressing Jeans are a growing brand in the fashion industry as they connect with the general population and needs of its clientele.

The Style

French Dressing Jeans designs jeans are slimming and comfortable while remaining fashionable. The jeans are designed in stretch fabric and are available in sizes ranging from 4-18. The company designs its jeans using a stretch fabric as French Dressing focuses on maintaining comfort, and a fit that ensures it is easy to breathe and bend. French dressing jeans create a slimming fit for women of all body types and offers three unique styles.  The first fit is the Suzanne, which is a natural fit with a regular rise.

The Peggy is also available in an easy fit and a regular rise. Finally, the Olivia offers a natural fit and a midrise. No matter what style fits your needs a slimming look is achieved as the front pockets are angled to flatten the stomach area while the back pockets are raised to lift the butt. Also, no matter what style of jean chosen, it is easy to express personality and dress for any occasion as French Dressing Jeans creates clothes in regular denim or a dark wash, as well as incorporating back pocket designs and coloured jeans. Finally, in order to maintain the quality of French Dressing Jeans it is recommended that the jeans are turned inside out before washing to avoid fading and extra wear.

In the Community

French Dressing Jeans is more than just a fashion company. The Montreal based company has been contributing to charity since 1998. Since 1998, French Dressing Jeans has donated a portion of every sale it makes to breast cancer research. In a little over a decade the community has donated close to 3 million dollars to the research.

French Dressing Jeans has for more than two decades focused on making the jean shopping experience stress free. By designing jeans in unique styles that are slimming and comfortable on all body types French Dressing Jeans has quickly become a popular brand to search for when out shopping.

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