French Fry Slicer

Want to buy a French Fry Slicer? Read our guide for facts and info on finding the best French fry slicers in the market…

The French Fry slicer is a good piece of equipment to cut French fries into different shapes and varying widths. This cutter can be in the form of a home utensil or heavy machinery for industrial use to make large quantities of French fries.

These French fry slicers are available in a range of price, style and features and aim to help you cut the fries in a short time while maintaining a uniform shape and size for the potatoes.

The simplest and most economical machine may range from $10-12 USD and may either stand upright or lie on the side.

French Fry Slicer Technique

To get a batch of potatoes ready in a jiffy, you simply peel a potato and push it gently but firmly through the blades of the French fry slicer. The upright ones are better as they use the force of gravity and you have more leverage to push the potato through the blades.

With the more advanced French fry slicer, you get 3-4 options of the blade grates. You can choose the sizes of the grates and cut thick or thin slices. The most basic variety of the cutter will come with one grate and give one size option. The more hi-tech and expensive the French fry slicer, the more the options for the blade.

French Fry slicers – Home and Industrial Use Machines

The fancier slicers are more durable and have more grater sizes and some can be wall mounted also, saving you valuable space on the counter. Some of the very good French fry slicers actually grip the counter top and then you can have a stable machine to push the potato through the blades. This means that the machine will not slip or slide and destroy your countertop.

These slicers are made of heavy metal and are probably ten times the cost of the basic one, but well worth it if you have a restaurant or eatery.

The heavy-duty variety of French fry slicers may be automatic and have the capacity to slice more than one potato at a time. These are commonly used by restaurants which do not have the service of using ready-cut French fries.

French Fry Slicers Bring Convenience and Economy to Kitchens

With one simple twist of the wrist you can get professional, uniformly cut thin or thick French fries instead of mis-sized pieces of potatoes. So you can simply transform your various shaped potatoes into a neat and appealing stack of French fries. For preparing delicious meals for friends or family you can use the French fry slicer to conveniently prepare a huge batch of delicious home made fries while saving time and effort into slicing large batches by hand.

The use of the French fry slicer does not stop at potatoes. In fact you can use it to create julienne carrots, cheese, Apple along with French fries. What you simply need to do is slide in the grater matching the size of the julienne you want, snap it securely and place the food on a chopping board and apply pressure to the lever to push the blades through the potato.

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