French Memo Board

Do you want to make a French Memo Board for your home? Did you always find French memo boards fascinating but didn’t know how to make one? Read our step by step instructions to make an eye catching French memo board for your home…

Making a french memo board can add a touch of color to your office or your home. Also it is very easy to make these boards and you can make them yourself perhaps with a little help from your kids. The things that you will need include a piece of fabric, some needle and thread, buttons, ribbons, stapler and a piece of foam board for the base.

To start with you will need to cover the foam board with the fabric. Remember you can use fabric of any color. Staple it to the back of the board. If you have little pieces of fabric try not to over lap them instead you will have to sew them together to make one big piece. You could actually take four pieces of different colors and sew them together to create your own unique design but then you would have to be very careful to match the colors of the fabrics and also the design of the fabric pattern. Once the fabric is on the board the rest is quite simple.

Start with the lace preferably the color of the lace should contrast the color of the fabric. Normally try coupling a light lace with a dark fabric and vice versa on the other hand if you are using multiple fabrics go with a simple color like white or black. The lace will have to be attached in the traditional French memo diamond pattern or in other words the laces will overlap each other to form diamond shaped quadrangles.

In each overlap you would put a button so make sure that the distance between two overlaps is enough to accommodate a postcard. Start attaching the lace by sewing it or better still you could do it with some glue that can be used on fabric. start at the horizontal or the vertical side and complete one side first before going to the opposite side. You can even use two different laces.

Once you are done you should have a neat criss cross of laces. Attach a button at each over lap of the lace. The buttons should be big and the color should either contrast the lace or compliment the fabric. Also, all the buttons can be of one type or you can be adventurous and use a collection of buttons in different sizes shapes and colors. Creating a symmetry will make your french memo board look neat while being adventurous will make it look more artsy.

These memo boards are quite useful; and can be used anywhere in your house or office. Of course if you are making one for your office remember that the colors should be more formal and restrain your adventurous spirit.


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